7 Life Lessons I Learnt When I Started Having Sex!

7 Life Lessons I Learnt When I Started Having Sex!
Life lessons from sex, you ask? Yes, it’s true! Doing things in bed can pretty often be like negotiating daily life. Here’s what I discovered!

1. You have to ask (and work!) for what you want.

You like it? You want more of it? Then you gotta speak up - and make it happen! Not everything gets handed to you on a platter, alas. :-P

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2. Practice is always a good idea!

You sometimes start by thinking, “Eh, I’m not really good at this.” And then you keep at it until you’re, like, “Yay, I’m awesome at this!” :D

3. That some things in life are acquired tastes...

We don’t know too many people who loved alcohol the first time they had it, do we? Can be the same with other stuff you put in your mouth. ;-)

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4. Being fit is way more important than being trim!

You could be super slim, but your legs and back just don’t bend all ways unless you’re in super shape as well. Muscle tone and flexibility definitely matter. :-P

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5. Sometimes you’re just too tired to deal.

Long day at work, and after that you just want to crawl into bed and do...nothing. Which is perfectly fine. Rest, and wake up in the morning raring to go! :-D

6. A little imagination goes a long way!

Stuck in a rut? Bored? Just try something different, then. Get creative, and it’s all going to become super fun all over again! ;-)

7. It’s the journey that counts, not just the destination.

Sometimes you have orgasms, sometimes you don’t. But all the things that come before that are just as great anyway. Life is about enjoying every single moment, after all. :-)

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