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Your Wedding Day Might Not Go As Planned! (And It’s OKAY!)

Your Wedding Day Might Not Go As Planned! (And It’s OKAY!)
Wedding planning is not an easy deal! Each and every family member puts in din raat ki mehnat to make this one day a memorable affair. You want every detail to be just perfect: from the drapes to the sangeet performances to the jaimala. But guess what? There will be times when things may not happen exactly how you planned. There would always be last minute wedding problems. And it’s totally okay! You should stop stressing about these tiny details and enjoy being a bride.

1. Light pink, bright pink, mera wala pink?!

So you asked for this very specific shade of roses, or for the drapes on the chairs, but the final colour happens to be just a shade lighter. It’s just you who knows that you asked for another colour - it all looks pretty!

wedding day problems

2. Mehendi ka rang ghaada nahin hua

Please rememebr that your mehendi ka rang does not determine how much your husband/mother-in-law (pick whichever applies) loves you! On the brighter side, it might just fade out before you hit the honeymoon! Shorts with mehendi doesn’t look too great huh?! :P

3. Malai tikka itna swaad nahin tha

It’s possible that one dish from your wedding menu didn't turn out as tasty as promised during the food tasting. You really can’t do much about it now. So why freak out?

4. 1, 2, 3...Cha, cha...oops?

Missed a beat during your dance performance? Why worry? Just keep smiling and dance dil khol ke!

wedding day problems

5. That deep red lipstick not your thing?

...But the makeup artist still convinced you to put it on? They are professionals and know what looks best on and off the camera. Do voice your opinion but in the end, trust them.


6. Forgot your glass bangles that go with the sangeet lehenga?!

That does not spell d-i-a-s-t-e-r! You can always borrow a thing or two from your friends or family. If it doesn’t entirely match your outfit but you wear them with confidence, it’s fashion!

7. 1 Glassy, 2 glassy, 3 glassy...4!

Your mausa ji got crazy drunk and is doing the nagin dance? He’s just happy girl, don’t take that away from him!

wedding day problems

8. Oh no, we forgot that one sangeet game

For my destination wedding, we’d planned a kite flying session, a tug of war etc to break the ice between the families. On the sangeet day, we just...forgot about them. Everyone was busy with some or the other task during the wedding and I realised I didn’t need to entertain my guests every minute of the day!

9. Oh fish, so many weddings on the same day and a traffic jam has broken out!

...So your friends have missed out your entry and jaimala exchange. Can’t do anything about the traffic, right? So don’t fret and be assured that they’ll be there soon.

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