Why Looking Like A “Lampshade” Is The Newest Fashion Trend!!

Why Looking Like A “Lampshade” Is The Newest Fashion Trend!!
Literally inspired by your night lamp shades, this whacky trend is catching on fast because of it’s easygoing and carefree styling ways! It does catch our attention, doesn’t it?

Very simply put, lampshading is basically wearing over-the-knee boots with a top that has a broader hemline, which ends a few inches above the top of the boots. The easiest way to adopt this is by opting for a oversized sweatshirt or a normal t-shirt a couple of sizes bigger than you, team it with a pair of shorts that get hidden under the oversized top and you finish the look with over-the-knee boots or a pair of socks that end above the knees along with same colored shoes.

The idea is to look like one tall walking lampshade.

The Kardashians know how to rock this trend in the most stylish manner. Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid cannot stay away from this trend either.

lampshading fashion trend

Lots of girls going to college have been following this trend before it even became a thing! They wear larger sized t-shirts with shorts that are so tiny that they get hidden and ankle length socks and sneakers.

This trend was seen on the Fall/ Winter ’15 fashion runways and that’s where it began. The celebrities got it just right and are inspiring us to try it too!

Image Source: Kylie Jenner On Instagram, Kourtney Kardashian On Instagram, Stylist Monica Rose On Instagram

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