7 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Stockings & Tights From Ripping!

7 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Stockings & Tights From Ripping!
Tights acts like a sheath over our skin and they come in a number of different styles. From full coverage stockings to fishnets, this item is something every woman has in her closet. And nothing breaks our heart more than that first rip and the first show of bare skin through your favourite pair. Yes, we’ve all been there and we have found out some clever tricks to keep your tights from ripping and make them last longer!

1. Buy the right kind

keep your tights from ripping

While buying tights, make sure you look for opaque tights if you want to make them last longer. Try to pull the fabric and see the thickness of the same. Most tights come in a packet and you cannot open them; if that is the case, then check the denier count on the label. The higher the denier number, less likely for your tights to rip.

2. Scrunch and roll

The most common mistake we make that ruins our tights is the way we wear them. Don’t put them on like you would wear your pants. Always scrunch them up, put your legs in and roll the tights up gently. Do not push your leg in as the delicate fabric might get ripped by something as small as a hangnail.

3. Secure the toes

keep your tights from ripping

Seeing a toe stick out from your tights when you finally take off your shoes is not a pleasant sight. If you like to keep your toenails longer, then this is definitely not new to you. Secure the toes of your tights and keep them from ripping by wearing a pair of no-show slip-on ballet socks before you wear your tights. This will prevent your nails from coming in contact with the tights at all.

4. Wash them right

Don’t be lazy. Hand-wash them gently and avoid using brushes. Soak your tights in detergent and cold water and rinse them after. Cold water will help the fabric become thicker temporarily, so the next time you wear it, it will have less chances of ripping.

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5. Clear nail paint to the rescue

keep your tights from ripping

Oh, the wonders clear nail paint can do for you! Apart from sealing in your nail-art securely and saving your jewellery from moisture, it can also save your tights from being ruined. If you see a tiny hole in your stocking, simply apply a coat of clear nail paint over it. Let it dry. This will prevent the thread from coming off and making a bigger hole.

6. Get the size right

Just because they are super stretchable doesn’t mean you can fit into any size you want. Tights always come in different sizes. Make sure you check the label carefully before purchasing. If they’re not the right size, even though you might be able to fit into them, there are chances that they might give up sooner than you’d expect.

7. Apply body lotion

keep your tights from ripping

Dry skin and tights do NOT go hand in hand. Dry skin causes friction, and we all know friction is definitely a no-no when it comes to tights. Always moisturise your legs before you put them on. This will not only make the process of wearing and taking them off much easier, but it will also prevent dry skin cells from gathering on the insides of your tights.

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