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10 Interesting Texts To Send THAT Guy! (Not Just ‘What's Up?’)

10 Interesting Texts To Send THAT Guy! (Not Just ‘What's Up?’)
Exchanging numbers is not so difficult any more. And what with Facebook messenger and all, you can potentially start texting even without exchanging numbers. But here’s the challenge that most of us face - how do we start a conversation that is genuinely interesting? Because, let’s face it, far too often, we end up sending the same old “Hey, how are you?” or “Hi, what’s up?” messages. Worry no more, ‘coz we have the perfect solutions for you - 10 really cool ways to start up that texting conversation without being boring!

1. The “Status” Message

Most of us use WhatsApp these days. And most of us do update our statuses. Ask him about his status message. Especially if it’s a quote or some form of mysterious (or even random) sounding statement. Good way to skip the hi and go for something that’s an actual conversation!

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2. The Guessing Game

“You’ll never guess what happened today!” Or even: “Guess who I just bumped into?” This second one is especially useful if you guys have friends in common. Basically, a question that leads to some form of engagement with your daily life. And you can channel the conversation thereafter into what’s been up with him that day too.

3. The Opinion Poll

This one’s an easy one to pull off! “What did you think of Bajirao Mastani?” Or “Have you watched that awesome video?” Every single day, there’s something new coming up - keep track, and you’re sorted!

4. You Know Them Too?!

Let’s assume you're friends on Facebook already, or you’re following each other’s Insta feeds. We’re fairly certain that you’ll find at least one mutual friend. Well, ask him about that person! And tell him how you know them too. :-)

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5. Plan Ahead!

“So, are you going to X’s party this weekend?” Or even “Booked tickets for Y movie/ concert yet?” Even if the answer to both questions are “no”, it’s a good way to figure out what his plans are instead. Plus, the movie/ concert question is also a simple way to open up a conversation about interests and likes/ dislikes.

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6. College Talk

This one’s especially easy if you both went to the same college. You can always catch up on teachers, canteens, how the campus has changed, and so on and so forth. And if he went somewhere else, just ask him about his experience there. “Is what they say about Venky boys true?” Easy-peasy!

7. Story Time

“Did I tell you about the time I…” Always a more interesting question to ask than “What’s up?” - trust us on this. Especially since the funnier or stranger your story is, the more likely he is to actually want to hear it!

8. Ask For A Reco!

A good place to get burgers at, the best bar in town, a TV show to binge-watch - all of these are questions that no one minds answering. Especially since they allow us the chance to share our opinions with others. So go ahead, ask for a recommendation!

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9. Picture Perfect

Kinda obvious, but usually pretty effective. “Nice pic” is your basic compliment, of course. But you can take it up a notch further by bringing up a detail - “Looks like a fun place you went to”, “Cool shades”, and so on and so forth. :-)

10. The Really Random Greeting! :-P

Whether it’s “Happy Nutella Day!” or “World Puppy Day”, it’s ALWAYS some kind of “day” these days. So wish him! It’s random but potentially entertaining, and it does send a clear message that you’re trying to start a conversation with him. :-)

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