8 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Face Look Slimmer!

8 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Face Look Slimmer!
We all know that makeup can be a powerful tool, not just for enhancing your features but for helping you feel fantastic too. You can even use it to play a few magic tricks like slimming a round face or making your nose appear slightly thinner. We give you a few makeup tricks to help you look slimmer in a jiffy. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you think!

1. Contouring Made Easy

look thinner with makeup

If you’ve always thought contouring is too complicated a process to bother with, we help you understand it in the simplest way possible. It’s basically making use of the concept that dark shades cover up problems areas and lighter shades enhance features. Invest in a matte bronzer or contour colours that are a shade or two darker than your skin tone and a luminous highlighter. Use them according to what you want to downplay and slim down and what you would like to accentuate. Don’t forget that blending is key to make it look less made-up and as natural as possible.

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2. Slimmer Cheeks And Killer Cheekbones

Make a slight duckface (like in all your selfies) and sweep on your contour shade with your brush from the center of your cheeks towards your ear in a diagonal line (you can try the same with a blush with brown undertones). Remember that your cheekbones can look sharper according to how high you place your contour colour. Now blend it in well. Then apply a bit of highlighter on top of your cheekbones and blend to accentuate them. The darker colours on the side can help narrow down a wider face.

3. Define That Jawline

look thinner with makeup

If you want to tone down a rounded chin or make it appear more pointed, then try this. Dust on your bronzer or darker colour along your jawline and blend well to help make it appear sharper and more defined. Get ready to kiss that double chin goodbye!

4. Fake A Slimmer Nose

Nope, you don’t need to think about plastic surgery when you can be a makeup maven. If you would like your nose to appear thinner, swipe the darker colours down the sides of your nose, stop above your nostrils and blend. Then, blend highlighter down the bridge of your nose in the center to help it look sharper rather than wider.

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5. Turn Up Your Brow Game

look thinner with makeup

Bet you never thought about how your brows can play a part in how slim or round your face looks! Your eyebrows shouldn’t be super thin but not too thick either, and should have a pronounced arch in the middle. Arched brows help elongate your face and can slim down a round face.

6. Highlight From The Center

By using highlighter down the center of your face, it plays with light to take attention away from the width of your face. Plus, it helps you look very glowy, so it’s basically a win-win. Start by blending in highlighter between your brows, down the bridge of your nose, above your cupid’s bow and in the center of your chin.

7. Emphasize Your Eyes

look thinner with makeup

Amazingly defined eyes are gorgeous enough, and they also help draw attention away from the wider parts of your face. Play up your peepers with eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. It’s better to define your eyes than your lips as fuller lips can make your face look rounder.

8. Don’t Forget Your Forehead

And finally, a dash of contouring on your forehead can add the finishing touches to give you that killer bone structure. Apply your contouring shade on your temples and blend upwards as well as along your hairline to help make your face appear more angular for that super model effect.

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