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Shiny, Sleek, Straight: 7 Super Tricks For Ironing Your Hair!

Shiny, Sleek, Straight: 7 Super Tricks For Ironing Your Hair!

A flat iron is a beauty tool that almost every girl owns in order to help tame her mane and bask in the glory of having silky straight hair - well, for a day or two at least. It is undoubtedly the first answer to the question, “how to get straight hair at home in no time?” But what if you’ve been using it wrong? We give you a few tricks and things to keep in mind while straightening your hair to help give you super glam hair that is sleek and beautiful. Read on to straighten your hair like a pro, with the least amount of damage possible. 1. Pick The Right Size For Your Mane
how to straighten your hair Flat irons come in different sizes for a reason. Make sure you invest in one that caters to the length and thickness of your hair as well. A narrower iron that is half an inch to 1-inch wide is best for short, fine hair as it allows you to iron smaller sections. To make longer, thicker hair straight, use an iron that is an inch and half to 2 inches wide so you can iron larger sections in less time. The right size iron helps decrease the chances of overheating your hair, is easier to maneuver and can help you straighten your hair better. Just make sure it’s lightweight - you don’t want your arms to feel like they’ve been put through a workout. Oh, and to get straight hair, it’s best to use ceramic plates as they distribute the heat evenly, which lowers the risk of burning your hair. 2. Use A Heat Protectant Spray Before Anything Else Girl, don’t even think about picking up the straightener (or any heat tool) before applying a heat protectant product. Skipping this step before straightening your hair is like asking for damage. If you don’t want to sizzle your strands, apply a heat protectant product on damp strands to protect them from harm. We like Toni & Guy High Temperature Protection Mist (Rs. 750). 3. Crank The Heat According To Thickness
how to straighten your hair If you have fine hair, you could be cooking it with a too-high heat setting. To make short, finer hair straight, use the lowest heat setting possible; for average hair set it to a medium temperature. For curly or thick hair, use it on a high setting so you don’t have to keep going over your section again and again. 4. Get Your Mane Ready We’re hoping you know to NEVER straighten your hair until it is completely dry - unless you’re aiming for the burnt look! Wait till your hair is dry, or you can speed up the process by running your fingers through it under a blow dry. This is known as rough drying and can help add volume to your hair. Then, to really make your hair straight like a pro, section your hair. Picking up random pieces of hair to iron won’t make it an even process and can take longer. Split your hair down the middle and make 2 sections in the back and 2 in the front, and go at it section by section. This will help you straighten your hair in a quicker, more efficient manner. new_in_story_banner_500px

5. Don’t Keep Going Over A Section Again And Again

how to straighten your hair Use a brush to detangle each section before you run your iron over it. You want to get knots and kinks out of the way first. Then use a fine-tooth comb through your hair while holding the iron above it, so that you’re basically combing your hair slowly as you are straightening it. This will help you get super straight locks. Don’t rush through it and glide your iron down the section fast. Take your time to go from roots to end (but not too much time!) so you don’t need to straighten the same section of hair too many times.
6. Get Voluminous, Straight Hair (Yay!) We’re all pretty familiar with the problem of straightened hair looking a bit flat. So, if you are thinking how to get straight hair without giving it the boring flat look, try this the next time. Instead of running the iron downwards, move it sideways as you get to the ends. This helps lift the roots off the scalp, preventing that flat look. When you get to the crown area, lift your strands up vertically (towards the ceiling) as you iron them for some bombshell volume. This will give some fabulous bounce to your straight, shiny hair. 7. We Hate When A Perfect Look Frizzes Up! how to straighten your hair Have you ever got your hair straightened perfectly, only to realize that it’s frizzed or curled up some time later? We know we have and we hate it! Once you’ve finished and your hair looks straight with some glam volume, mist it with some shine spray for a bit of hold while adding some gloss to your strands. Just make sure to wait for your hair to cool down a bit before spraying it. * We hope you’re not straightening your hair all the time or too often for the health of your strands. Do this only once in a while to ensure your hair looks and feels great always! Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Everything You Need to Know about Chemically Straightening Your Hair! MUST-READ: #DIY: How To Get A Salon Style Blow Dry At Home!
Published on Jan 28, 2016
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