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How To Read Your Man Like Your Favourite Book!

How To Read Your Man Like Your Favourite Book!
Relationships get better with age, when you love the person as they are…as opposed to the discovery (or shock) of new love! Find out ways to learn the nuances of your man, like the sommelier who spends a lifetime studying that one wine…

1. Observe

Like all other creatures of the animal kingdom, man is best learnt about when watched from afar. You will learn about all his habits, be it eating, drinking, sleeping or having sex. The more discerning viewer will notice how often he talks to his family (or not!), how he meets new people, what he’s like with his friends and what he’s like with your friends.

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2. Bro-time

Getting to know your guy’s bros is imperative. You will get an idea of what your guy really thinks about you by how his friends behave in front of you. And if you are enthusiastic enough to get to know them, they will dish out valuable information for you time and again, especially when your man is too vulnerable to say so himself.

3. Getting to know the gals

This is as important, if not more than getting to know your man’s guy friends. Keeping an open mind, you will see your guy through the eyes of other girls. While your appreciation for him will increase, you will learn about the kind of company he likes to keep and instantly learn to differentiate between his true gal friends and see through any hostility towards you.

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4. Go out to eat (often!)

When you eat out, little things will begin to show you your man’s character: like how much food he eats (or leaves), if he decides what to order after discussing with you, and whether he encourages you to share his meal or guards it with an iron fist!

You will also see the value your guy places on money – whether he is uncomfortable about spending on food, or if he enjoys fast eats or whether he actually appreciates quality meals.

Wherever your man falls within these descriptions, attention to this tip will help you realise if he’s a person who’s too uptight to enjoy life, whether he might debel artery issues in ten years time or if he’s a keeper with a healthy lifestyle.


5. Cook together

This tip is a step ahead of tip ⌗ 4. People’s eating habits can differ when eating outside and eating at home. If cooking at home, you will see how patient he is when the food is on the stove or in the oven. His respect for food, culture and childhood stories will all come pouring out of his heart and into yours when cooking. And always remember, you can learn a lot about a man simply from the way he chops vegetables!

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6. Go to the cinema

Watching movies is an eye-opener. If you alternate your choice of film every time, and discuss the aspects of the movie you just saw, you will be increasing the things you have in common with you SO and get an insight into his ideas about things. Not to mention, you can always laugh about how he wanted to watch that new chick-flick before you, and you wanted to see the new Marvel movie!

7. Discuss the big issues

Ask your guy in a light-hearted way, what he thinks of money and the kind of marriage he wants. This is not to scare him off but for you to understand if you’re wasting your time. You don’t want to be fighting for attention from mama’s boy 24/7 do you?

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8. Have fun, be happy

Your guy will love you the most when you are enjoying yourself. Whenever you’re a loss at what to do, focus on making yourself happy and he will automatically be himself and gravitate towards you when there is less pressure on him!

9. Take it easy

Guns ’n Roses were right. A little patience will show you more of your guy’s nature and is worth more than you wasting your precious time and trying too hard!

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