8 Ways You Can Tell That A New Relationship Will Last!

8 Ways You Can Tell That A New Relationship Will Last!
There are butterflies in your stomach constantly and you feel like your life is a Nicholas Sparks inspired movie – all the signs of a brand new relationship! Congrats, girl, we are super happy for you. Just in case you’re wondering, though, here are some telltale signs this one’s going to last!

1. He’s respectful towards you and your family

If respecting you and your near ones comes to him naturally, trust us, he’s a keeper. Long term relationships are built on mutual respect.

2. While the physical stuff is super exciting, you two also love talking to each other – about anything and everything.

We don’t mean to be Debbie downers here, but the initial physical attraction fades as the relationship progresses. What eventually keeps the relationship going is the connection between both of you.

how to know if a relationship will last

3. When his friends become your friends and the other way round.

Even though we don’t adhere to the notion that you guys have to mix your social circles, getting to know each other’s friends is quite a telltale sign that you plan on staying in each other’s life for long!

4. When your relationship is a No Judging zone!

You know the future of your relationship is bright when each of you has a healthy respect for the other’s career, your intellectual leanings, your past relationships, etc. If you two are already judging each other for everything...that’s not very good news. (Sorry we had to break it to you!)

how to know if a relationship will last

5. When your dates go way beyond your social media updates.

Yes, it’s totally okay to want to indulge in some PDA online. Sure, you can check in to the fancy restaurant, and yes, that hugging picture is kinda cute! But don’t tell us that the entire date was spent getting the perfect selfie. We sincerely hope that your relationship does not solely depend on social media updates and that you spend as much time gazing into each other’s eyes as you do on your cell phones!


6. When there is minimal insecurity!

If you two understand each other and are only mildly jealous of attention the other gets from the opposite sex, then that’s good news! It really shouldn’t keep you up at night – for no solid relationship was based on so many insecure feelings right at the start.

how to know if a relationship will last

7. When “space” is not a bad word at all!

As individuals, we all need our space. If the special man in your life gets that, baby, you’ve hit gold!  The best relationships are the ones where there is a healthy understanding that you each have hopes, dreams and goals of your own even outside of the relationship. Trust us, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who wants your dreams to come true!

8. If you’ve had at least one fight but have gotten past it.

Welcome to the dating world – fights happen! We are not trying to be cynical - just as honest we can be. Any two people have been in a long-term relationship will tell you, fights are totally natural and they happen to the best couples! Soon enough you’ll realize it’s actually really healthy to fight. So if you’ve already had that first fight and you’ve survived it...welcome to the world of adult, mature, stable relationships! You’re totally going to love it. :-)

how to know if a relationship will last

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