9 Surprising Things That Can Make Sex Even Better!

9 Surprising Things That Can Make Sex Even Better!
There is always scope to have better sex. Even when you think you’re having the best! So what is it that you can do to actually better your sex life? Here are a few surprising things that can help you have better sex!

1. Playing out a fantasy

You don’t need to do anything you’re absolutely uncomfortable with. That will ruin your chances of enjoying sex. But do be open to listening to your partner's fantasies and listing out your own. Being shy or judgemental won’t allow you to have as much fun as you could!

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2. Being on top!

When you’re on top, your clitoris is rubbing directly against your partner's pubic bone. This friction increases your chances of attaining an orgasm and also gives your partner additional visual stimulation!

3. Experimenting with different positions…

While being on top has been proven to be more pleasurable for women, experimenting with different positions can actually be exciting for both you and your partner. So spice things up and let your hair down as far as experimenting in the bedroom goes!

how to have better sex

4. Masturbating!

Contrary to popular belief, masturbating is not only normal, it is also healthy to a certain degree. Knowing more about your body and learning what does and does not work for you on your own first will help you guide your partner right. Need we say that then that it will lead to better sex?!

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5. Talking dirty…

Yes, ladies, as much as many of us might even dread this or feel embarrassed, it actually helps get things heated up and turns many men AND women on. We’re not saying go all out if you don’t want, but try to let loose next time and, who knows, you might actually love it!

how to have better sex

6. Delayed pleasure…

It may not always be in your hands to control when you climax, but doing so can actually help build up your orgasm! Getting yourself close to an orgasm and then holding back a few times can lead to your orgasm being super intense and amazing!

7. Having sex in a completely new and different place!

Okay, we don't want you to get arrested. But having sex in a car or a quickie somewhere you can find privacy can be super exciting and give you both a thrill. This will undoubtedly increase both your levels of pleasure!

how to have better sex

8. Having sex when you’re mad at each other…

Weirdly enough, this also means that you’re both going to be that much more turned on by each other. Angry sex isn’t a thing for nothing! So pull your sulking boots off the next time you have a fight and gear up for some crazy passionate sex!

9. Being honest with your partner

Letting your partner know exactly what does and does not work for you will help you both have better sex. You know what that means - if you’re tired and can’t go on anymore, don’t fake that orgasm! Let him know how you feel in order for him to understand what he should or should not be doing more of. It will help you both enjoy intercourse and everything else even more!

How to have better sex

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