Date Pakki Ho Gayi? Here’s How To Start Planning Your Trousseau

Date Pakki Ho Gayi? Here’s How To Start Planning Your Trousseau
Save yourself the horror of emptying out your bank account in one go or running madly around to finish your shopping! Now that the shaadi date is fixed, start your trousseau planning. Here’s how to do it right and shop tension-free!

1. Put together the list

The first step is to break down your ceremonies and the related trousseau needs. These include clothes, jewellery, and the shoes and accessories that go along with them. Make a list and keep adding on as you go along.

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2. Start shopping ASAP!

Spending bits of money at regular intervals is better that going all out in one go. So once you have your list ready, start with the shopping so it doesn’t pinch your bank account all together.

3. Search. Surf. Repeat.

Start looking for outfit inspirations: get online, visit stores and wedding boutiques. Flip through wedding magazines and create a list of styles, colours and cuts you like. This way you’ll save time when you go out to make the actual purchase.

4. Be a gold digger!

Not THAT kind! Gold jewellery will be your most expensive purchase and it’s best to do it before other expenses kick in. Moms usually spend years collecting gold ornaments to pass on to their daughters. Figure out what you already have, if you would be wearing it for any of your ceremonies and what else you need.

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5. Buy the wedding day set

If you plan to wear a real gold or diamond set, it’s better to buy and then match your outfit to it. Since the wedding jewellery is the most expensive item in your trousseau, your lehenga should showcase it rather than the other way around.


6. Ceremony = outfit

What do you want to wear on the wedding day and where do you think you can buy these outfits in your budget? Commission your lehenga at least 6 months before the wedding. Once that’s sorted, plan the accessories - shoes, bags, jewellery - that will go with them.

7. Evergreen is the way to go

Invest in a few classic sarees, like kanjivaram or Banarasi silk. These are a trousseau must-have and will last you a lifetime.

7trousseau planning

9. Swipe that card!

You can buy lingerie, basic skincare and beauty products, clutches and accessories online. Make your life easy!

9. 4 Months to D Day

Start shopping for salwar suits, sarees, mehendi or sangeet lehengas and accessories to go with them. You’ll need time for the fittings and most designers become extremely busy as shaadi season comes around.

10. Sirf teen mahine?!

This is when you start making trips to the mall for heels, honeymoon wear, western wear and any other basics you may want to buy.

10trousseau planning

11. It’s time to relax!

Try to have all your shopping done 2 months before the wedding. Invest the last 2 months in outfit trials, trousseau packings, and salon and spa sessions. And of course, spending time with the family! :)

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