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How To Build A Strong And Trusting Relationship With Your Guy

How To Build A Strong And Trusting Relationship With Your Guy
Building a strong, trusting relationship with your partner doesn’t come easy. It does take some hard work and even some small compromises! Here are a few ways to build a strong and trusting relationship with your partner.

1. Show some empathy

You and your partner may not always be on the same page about things - you may even disagree. But trying to understand the situation your partner is in is something you should always do. Empathising with your partner’s situation will help you both understand each other better as people and undoubtedly bring you closer.

how to build a strong relationship

2. Learn to tell your partner when he is wrong

While empathy is great, you don’t need to tell him he’s right even when he’s wrong. If he’s getting upset over a situation that doesn’t require it, tell him. If he’s getting angry about something that can be dealt with in a calm manner, call him out on it. Even if it leads to a small fight, knowing that you always tell him the truth, even about himself, will make his faith in you only stronger.

3. Respect your partner enough not to keep secrets from them

Yes, sometimes it may seem like the right thing to do to keep certain things from your partner. Whether it’s because you believe it’s a trivial thing or because you don’t want to hurt hi,. But keeping things big or small, on purpose, do count as keeping secrets - and in the long run, these secrets start weighing a relationship down. You wouldn’t like it if you got to hear something about your partner or something related to him from another person - just like he wouldn’t like to hear about you from an outside source. So open up and be honest. If there is something you think your partner won’t understand, give it a shot anyway!

how to build a strong relationship

4. Spend quality time together - without thinking of the quantity

Don’t fret and fight about the amount of time you get to spend together. Rather, concentrate on making the time you spend together quality time. Love each other, talk to each other and maintain a positive attitude towards each other. Don’t spend that time fighting and complaining.


5. Learn to spend time apart too

You’re in a relationship and of course you like spending time with your partner - we hope you do! But this doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that you spend every free minute that you get only with him. While it’s great to spend time together, spending time apart is just as important. Take time out for yourself and to catch up with your friends and family. After all, you do want to give your partner the chance to miss you, don’t you?!

how to build a strong relationship

6. Talk about the future - but don’t dwell on it

Talking about the future and knowing that the two of you want similar things is important. After all, you don’t want all that you’ve invested in the relationship to be a complete waste. But always chasing your partner to know exactly what lies ahead for the both of you and not enjoying the present because of it - that is a complete waste too. The future is unpredictable and uncertain - so enjoy what you have now! It’s nice to know that you’ll be together forever, and perhaps you will - but only thinking about that, and not cherishing what you share with your partner right now, will get you nowhere.

7. Don’t make comparisons between your partner and...anyone else

Comparing your partner to your ex, or your friend’s boyfriend, or even just a friend of yours - it creates negativity. Making your partner feel lesser than anyone in your life is something that you should make off limits for yourself. Building a strong relationship requires that you appreciate your partner just as he is and love him for who he is - not who you want him to be.

how to build a strong relationship

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