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#HeSays: What That One-Word Text From Your Guy Really Means!

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So, a few days ago, the awesome folks here at POPxo made this special list (for us guys, it seems), explaining what you ladies actually mean when you send us those one-word texts. It sure was an eye-opener for us. So we thought we’d make you a new list - what us guys actually mean when we send you those one-word messages. (It's quite simple, you'll notice!)

1. Cool

Translation: “Yeah, that sounds great.”

It basically means we are, literally, cool with what you’re saying. We totally agree. :-)

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2. Sure

Translation: “Yes, makes sense. Let's go with that.”

A variation of “cool”, but with a little bit more nuance. We may not have thought about this before, but now that we are doing so, it seems like a perfectly logical thing to do.  :P

3. Hmm

Translation: “Fair enough. Seems interesting.”

We’re actually thinking about what you’re saying. And that word indicates that we’re giving it some serious consideration. It’s not just a placeholder sound! :D

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4. Fine

Translation: “Yeah, that works.”

This is, again, agreement. Maybe not as enthusiastic as “Cool!”, but agreement nonetheless. We are not, in a passive-aggressive manner, trying to say no to what you’re suggesting. :P

5. Whatever

Translation: “You decide. It's all good.”

It just means that we’re okay with going with the flow. Seriously. We’re totally on board with swinging whichever way you’d like. :-)

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6. Why?

Translation: “I didn’t really get that. Could you explain?”

We’re not being confrontational here, ladies. We genuinely did not quite understand your question - and some more information would help us formulate a sensible and coherent response! :-/

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7. Maybe

Translation: “Cool. We can try it.”

This is us saying: “Why not? Let’s do it.” We’re (mostly) open-minded creatures, after all. :P

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8. Haha

Translation: “OMG, that’s so funny!”

We’re grinning. Very, very broadly. We swear!! :D

9. Uhuh

Translation: “I think this conversation is about to take a 'sexy' turn!”

When you say something that sounds a bit naughty (but not outright “sexy”), this is what we say. And hope that what you say is going to be naughtier still. ;-)

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10. Okay

Translation: “Okay!”

The same as “cool”, really. We accept. Completely. :-)

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Published on Jan 25, 2016
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