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9 Things To Remember Before Splurging On An Indian Outfit!

9 Things To Remember Before Splurging On An Indian Outfit!
Us Indians have a lot of weddings to attend, sometimes those of friends and sometimes family ones. All of us like to wear stunning outfits and look different at each wedding but spending money on clothes is a major strain on our pockets! We all have a separate collection of Indian outfits including sarees, anarkalis, lehengas, suits that we stock up and use at pujas, shaadis, festivals and other social occasions! By keeping these points in mind before actually spending money, you’ll not only plan better you’ll also be very happy with your choices! So, read this and make your life simpler!

1. How many times are you going to wear it?

Most of the times, we wear one outfit maximum four or five times since we don’t want to be repeating the same outfit because...who knows, we might bump into the same old friend whom we met at another wedding, right? If you pick something very decorative and cannot think of another occasion to wear it, then you might want to reconsider this buy!

2. Can it be transformed into something else?


Recreating a new outfit by making simple tweaks in the outfit is one of the smartest ways to give it a twist and have something new and exciting to wear. Take some help from your local darjee and redo your heavy anarkalis and lehengas into something lighter and unique! Be creative in this endeavour, take cues from your favorite designers and transform your ornate outfits into something different!

Tip: Revamp your lehenga into an anarkali or the other way round! Voila, it works!

3. Do you have matching accessories and shoes?

That is another investment you’ll have to make, so be wise about this. Generally, it takes some time to build your trinket box, but with a few pieces that work with all outfits you might be able to save money there! Also, getting the best outfit and then not having matching shoes can ruin your look!

Tip: Invest in some shiny silver and gold heels, they always go with Indian bling!


4. Does it resemble anything you already have?

4 guide to buying indian wear

You definitely have a colourful ethnic wear collection, so make sure when you go to buy more Indian attires, you get something different from what you have already. Having a variety of styles in your Indian wardrobe will give you that much more space to experiment and mix and match within your own stock!

5. Does it complement your style?

We’ve all got our own sense of style, so be sure when you are experimenting with new styles that you’re feeling good in it. It’s all about carrying it off gracefully! Too much skin show, too much bling or too heavy outfits will not let you be fully happy. So make sure you notice that you are not compromising on style or comfort level!

6. Fix a budget, but be flexible

Avoid going to places that only have outfits above your budget...if you like something there, you will not be able to like anything else after! Girls, you will agree! Go at a time when there are sales and offers, but make sure that you look at the pieces properly and it’s not too worn out, faded or old. Whatever it is, you ARE spending the money on the outfit, and it has to look fresh and new.

6 guide to buying indian wear

7. Choice of fabric and embroidery!

This is a crucial part of going shopping for Indian outfits. Whatever it is that you are choosing to buy, see that you are getting what you are paying for. The quality is paramount if you are shelling out a lot of money and make sure the embroidery is up to mark and threads are not pulling out. Also, trying on the outfits is very important, especially if you are going for fancy fabrics.

8. Be in sync with new trends!

8 guide to buying indian wear

Go through some celeb trends, some magazines or any other websites that showcase such things to see what is in vogue currently - that way you can get yourself something different and trendy. Even if you are picking up something very traditional, keeping a colour theme in mind can be helpful. It will only help you make a better decision!

9. Don’t forget to click pictures!

Click pictures of yourself wearing the outfit and of the details in the outfit once you’ve purchased it. This will help you buy coordinates and match them well too! Also, it will be a constant reminder that you have one new jewel that you’ve add to your ethnic wear reservoir!

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