Girls And Their Sex Drive: Everything You Need To Know!

Girls And Their Sex Drive: Everything You Need To Know!
Do girls like sex as much as guys? That’s a question we’re pretty sure almost all of us have wondered about at some point or the other. Now, we can’t speak for each and every girl, of course, but we thought we could help you out with some interesting information. Here’s what you need to know about women and their sex drive...

1. It’s quite similar to men’s...

Sex drive in both men and women is controlled primarily by the hormone testosterone - and whether you’re a guy or a girl, your have it in your system. While a man’s body (obviously!) produces a lot more testosterone than that of a woman, the female body is way more sensitive to the hormone, and so even the smaller quantities are just as effective in stimulating sexual desire.

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2. And yet it’s not the same!

While biologically speaking, your sex drive should be at par with a man’s, it’s not always the case. Studies say that women are more influenced than men by environmental and psychological factors when it comes to arousal and desire. For instance, generally speaking: a guy watching porn is likely to be aroused; a girl watching porn is likely to be aroused only if she’s already in a good mood. Apparently, guys are right when they say us ladies are just more complicated than them!

3. It’s definitely stronger at certain times of the month

So, our other hormones have a role to play when it comes to the intensity of our sex drive as well. Mainly, oestrogen - which is basically responsible for our lady bits being ladylike (and not like those of a guy), and so on. Since the levels of oestrogen in a girl’s system peaks when she’s ovulating (a few days after her period), that’s when she’s most likely to feel the most, er, horny. For some women, there’s also a surge in oestrogen levels while they’re on their period, so they’re more likely to be wanting to have sex then too.

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4. And it fluctuates through the day too!

It’s those environmental factors. You’re more likely to feel like doing it in the evening or at night, when you’re done with all your tasks and chores and are not worried much about things. As well, when men wake up in the morning, apparently, there’s 30% more testosterone in their systems, so they’re more likely to want sex right then, whereas women might not necessarily be in the mood.

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5. Society too seems to have a say in it. :-/

In most parts of the world (including ours), women’s sexuality is something of a taboo topic. Which is why women don’t end up talking a lot - even to each other - about their sex lives. This can potentially act as a kind of a socio-psychological suppressor when it comes to sex drive, because very often girls are made to feel like sex (or wanting it) is a wrong or a “bad” thing.  

6. It changes with age…

Your sex drive is, purely physiologically speaking, triggered at puberty. And as years pass, and your hormones stabilize and you become more sexually aware and experienced, it increases. A woman’s sex drive is actually believed to peak around the age of 35 - a very good reason to look forward to your thirties, wouldn’t you say?!

7. What’s normal? What’s not?

Answer to the first question: everything. Answer to the same question: nothing. Like we mentioned before, while your sex drive is partly a biological function, it’s also a psychological thing. And it’s also a question of choice, of what you decide for yourself. Beyond the scientific stuff, there are only a couple of things to know.

A girl might not want to have sex because - regardless of whether physiologically speaking she has a high sex drive or not - it’s something that does not work for her morally/ ethically/ intellectually. And that’s perfectly fine. Similarly, a girl might want sex a lot - again, whether her sex drive is high or not - because it’s something she enjoys. And that’s perfectly fine too. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. :-)

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