Co-Ed Vs All Girls’ College: This Is What It’s Really Like!

Co-Ed Vs All Girls’ College: This Is What It’s Really Like!
Stepping out of school means doing away with uniforms, timetables (more or less!) and official hours. College life is always fun - but when you choose between an all girls’ and a co-ed college, you also end up choosing between two completely different experiences altogether! Here’s what it’s really like…

1. What happens in the classroom

All Girls College: “Let’s just say we have minimum distractions and maximum discussions - ‘coz there’s nothing really we’d feel shy about asking and be judged for. And the best part? Our teachers get just as frank with us and open up about real, personal issues too.”

Co-Ed College: “How would you ever get the other side's story, if the other side is not really present there to refute/ support it? Discussions are meant to be two way, and having guys and girls together in class just makes the entire thing far more real!”

2. All those crushes!

All Girls College: “Since any crushes you have are going to be outside of your college - there aren't any occasions for fights and cold wars within groups of friends in college. In fact, everyone is excited to catch up on everyone else’s love stories because none of them happen on campus!”

all girls and co-ed college

Co-Ed College: “Oh, come on! What’s the point of having a crush on someone unless you don’t even get to steal glances, live with the hope of running into them and taking your little love story forward? Plus co-ed means having SO many options! And friendships turning into love stories - isn’t that the dream?”

all girls and co-ed college

3. Who organises fests better?

All Girls College: “Oh, we are super organised and history will show you how well our fests turn out to be. All the guys from co-ed colleges queueing up for our fests is proof enough!” :-P

Co-Ed College: “Our fests are the most fun times for us, ‘coz we just spend all day planning, running around, meeting people from different courses, staying up late and then partying like crazy!”

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4. And how do you get along?

All Girls College: “Since there are no guys, girls just take over all those tasks that are usually left up to the guys. This gives us a sense of equality and confidence that can’t be matched by anything else!”

all girls and co-ed college

Co-Ed College: “Boys and girls are comfortable being around each other in a co-ed college, and know how to get their way when dealing with the opposite gender. That’s an important people skill for anyone to know in the real world.”

all girls and co-ed college

5. Dressing up?!

All Girls College: “Dress up or not, in an all girls’ college you don’t really feel any less or more because of either - however, you’d be surprised to see SO many of us well-dressed every day, because we love to do it for ourselves and for our girlfriends who are only so ready to notice and appreciate every new hairstyle, lip color, bag and pair of shoes.”

Co-Ed College: “Dressing up is so much more fun when you have guys who sit up, take notice and pay you some special attention. ;-)

6. And life after college?

All Girls College: “After years of being in an all girls’ world, adjusting to men and simple things like striking a conversation with them can get a little awkward for some of us. But our girlfriends help each other through the awkwardness! :P”

all girls and co-ed college

Co-Ed College: “We have so much practice one-upping guys that we sure figure out how to handle them just right out in the real world too! And we get invited to SO many weddings not just as ladki-waale but also as baraatis!”

all girls and co-ed college

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