dealing with freckles

#BeautyDiaries: Why I Stopped Fighting The Spots On My Face

Kritika Rathi

Guest Contributor, POPxo

Since I was a basketballer in school, the least of my concerns was what my face and body looked like. Especially my face - we were tanned almost all the time playing out in the sun the whole day.

It didn’t matter much at that point, so I pretty much ignored it while growing up. What I didn’t realise was that, with time, along with the tan I was developing small freckles all over my face. I even ignored them for a while after I began to notice them, confident that these would go away with time. I used sunscreen, but just for the sake of it.

I grew older. And when I got into college and stopped playing basketball, the tan started to fade. That’s when these little spots suddenly became very visible. I noticed that the tiny freckles had started looking like bigger spots, merging with each other. They were very prominent on my face and I couldn’t ignore them any longer! I went to a few doctors, tried to get treatment for this - all of them said that heat or the sun was going to make this worse. But then I couldn’t stay away from either!

dealing with freckles

Slowly, I started using fewer products meant to “deal with the problem” and just let the spots be. I got used to it. More like, I got tired of trying to fix it all the time. Many people would ask me: “What are these spots, are they permanent?” And all I could say was: “Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t.” Because at the end of the day, they are mine and I am proud to flaunt these little tiny sprinkles all over my face. I even stopped applying base makeup or foundation to keep them hidden while doing makeup. I thought that was too artificial, not me. And I wasn’t comfortable with that!

They say to have freckles means you’ve been kissed by an angel. That is pretty true, considering how much I love them and how I am so used to their existence... I am sure I have been blessed.

Even now, people are always offering me some or the other advice on how I can get rid of these tiny marks. But I just usually shrug them off, smiling, knowing in my heart that even though they might look like larger pigmentation patches in the future, I will still love my tiny spots. And I am not afraid to show them off to the world!


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Published on Jan 07, 2016
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