Not Just Mithai?! Wedding Favours Guests Will Absolutely Love!

Not Just Mithai?! Wedding Favours Guests Will Absolutely Love!
How many of us can keep eating the mithai that comes with wedding invites? Which is why we’ve put together this list of super cute wedding favours - send them out with invites or on the wedding day itself. Your guests will love these and they will make for amazing Instagram pics. Win, win!

1. Cookie in a jar!

cute wedding favours1

No more bite-sized cakes in a box. Your guests will love to make their own chocolate chip cookies! Get the pre-measured ingredients in a jar, layer them prettily one top of another, print out the recipe and add it to the tag. You’re done!

Source: Sweethealthcookiemix on Instagram

2. Pamper ’em silly!

cute wedding favours 2

Handmade soaps and lip balms, packaged with personalised tags. Even if you can’t go the handmade route, buy Khadi or Auroville toiletries and add cute tags. You can even do this with aromatherapy essential oils.

Source: Eclectic_swazi on Instagram

3. Pop a popsicle!

cute wedding favours 3

Now that gourmet popsicles are a legit food trend, give them out as cute wedding favours! In Delhi or Mumbai, order them from Frugurpop and put your customised sticker on the packaging. The flavours are yum!

Source: Yogartsg on Instagram

4. Everyone loves a cuppa

cute wedding favours 4

This is the easiest one to DIY: buy a flavourful, exotic, loose leaf tea; pour it in a cute jar; print out a tag and attach it. You’re done!

Source: The_dreamers_lovers on Instagram


5. Cup ‘o’ love

cute wedding favours 5

Commission a local pottery house to create these super cute wedding favours with your customised design!

Source: Castleviewcottage on Instagram

6. Ek shot ho jaaye!

cute wedding favours 6

How easy is this? And we predict that the entire wedding party will be super happy once you’re done giving these out ;) Get the quarter bottles, print out a tag, attach and hand out. DIY and cute!

Source: Uftonweddings on Instagram

7. Plate it up!

cute wedding favours

If the British royals can do it, why can’t you? Get a potter to customise a range of platter and plates for you to give out as super cute wedding favours!

Source: Bettychung_ceramics on Instagram

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