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You CAN Stay Indoors And Have A Romantic Date! (Here’s How)

You CAN Stay Indoors And Have A Romantic Date! (Here’s How)
Early sunsets, cool evenings, chilly nights, sounds of merriment in the air... Aah, the joys of winter are so dreamy and romantic. Since everyone’s tempted to stay indoors, here are some intimate date ideas that are guaranteed to warm you and your love this winter!

1. Coco nights!

Nothing over the top – just make simple hot chocolate or mocha or even cinnamon spiced tea in a big mug; plonk two chairs near the window, play some jazz on a music player (or phone) and rewind to old times or plan the future. Cuddle up next to each other to read or simply talk. This will prove to you that some of life’s joys are in the little things.

2. Game Station

And by this we mean board games! Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble… Whatever you like, just be willing to shed your warm clothes as you lose at each step. It will be an early wrap when you end up cosying up with each other anyway! cute date ideas 2

3. Starry Vacation

Who said hill stations are only for summers? Head to the closest one for the weekend and let your cheeks turn red from the seriously cold air, have dinner by the bonfire and walk under the stars. Then come back to your room and curl up under a warm blanket. Sigh!

4. Candle-Lit Dinners

Instead of heading to a fine dining restaurant, give this a try at home. Turn down the lights and add a glow to the room with rows of fragrant candles. Even your neighbourhood takeaway meal will taste awesome in such a setting. Old-world romance of a single candle-lit supper is always welcome. Eating off each other? Well, you could try that too! cute date ideas 4

5. The Bake Date

There is something oh-so-romantic about the aroma of freshly baked goods, especially during winter. So why not make some tasty treats together? Put easy, no-fuss goodies like gingerbread cookies or cinnamon fudge on the menu. Homemade fruit jams? Yes, please! Bonus: flour fights and lots of kissing. new_in_story_banner_500px

6. Sleeping Beauty

Spray your favourite perfume (but just a bit!) on the sheets and pillow covers, get under the comforter and read to each other from a classic, romantic book. Draw the curtains and sleep in each other’s arms for as long as you feel like. And when you wake up, share the shower for some steamy fun! ;-) cute date idea 6

7. The Do-Good Date

Walk around town and hand out some warm homemade food or warm clothes to the homeless. Or spend an evening volunteering at an orphanage. Stay blessed by spreading some cheer! GIFs: Tumblr

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