Which Necklace With What Neckline? The Simple Guide!

Which Necklace With What Neckline? The Simple Guide!
Ladies, do you also have a collection of necklaces but sometimes wonder what to pair it with? Do you feel like the necklace doesn’t really go well with the outfit that you have chosen to wear? We are here to make life easier for you! This information is super useful - and trust us, it will really help you sort out your outfits and make you look glam every single time you wear that necklace!

1. Collars Or Turtlenecks + Long Pendants

1 necklace and neckline

Since these outfits touch your neck, it’s always a good idea to go for something that has a longer chain (even layers) and falls well. We prefer a longer chain with some a pendant. Go bold or go delicate, the choice is yours.

2. Crew Neck + Collared Neck Piece

Opt for a collared necklace or a bib necklace for this one. It sits right where the neck starts and it always looks smart. You can wear this to formal events and look so classy. Try a lace bib necklace or a gold solid metal one.

3. Strapless + Choker Necklaces

3 necklace and neckline

Chokers are the best bet with strapless dresses or tops. Obviously, we want you to show off those gorgeous shoulders of yours, so keep it clean. If you are a bit conscious about wearing these outfits, you can even try bigger necklaces that cover more of the neck and shoulder area.

4. Scoop Neck + Bold Necklaces

In this one, as more of the neck and the collarbone is revealed, flaunt your neckline by wearing a heavy jewelled necklace. We are thinking of the pretty necklaces which have different coloured stones or layers of chains that look grand!

5. Halters + Slim Pendants

5 necklace and neckline

As this sort of a neckline goes into the neck as a tie up and creates a triangular shape, going for anything too big will make you look a little OTT (unless you want to give it that extra collar look). So try thinner, slimmer pendants that create a beautiful line and highlight your favorite assets!

6. One Sided/ Off Shoulder + Asymmetrical Ones

This one can be a bit confusing, so try something that doesn’t have a definite shape. Go for an abstract look for this one, and you will not go wrong. When you are wearing a busy silhouette it’s best to go with something that is not very definite!

7. V-Shaped Neckline + V-Shaped Neckpiece

7 necklace and  neckline

The key here is to match a similar shaped neckpiece so that the shapes don’t clash and make it look funny. Wearing this shape of necklace will also accentuate the neckline and bring symmetry to your whole outfit.

8. Cowl Neckline + NO Necklace

There is a lot happening at the front of your neck already, so we suggest you stay away from necklaces for this one. Go instead of a big pair of statement earrings and look like a superstar! Something on your neck is anyway going to get lost in the folds of the garment, so there is no point!

9. Sweetheart Neckline + Jewelled Necklace

9 necklace and neckline

Don’t hold back and experiment with this neckline! Wear a heavy bejewelled necklace with this style. This shape neckline should be your pick when you want to adorn your neck with something bold!

10. Square Neckline + Angular Necklace

To cut the monotony of the geometric finish, the best idea would be to go for a necklace that has a different geometric shape. Try something that has a V shape, or a sweetheart curve.

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