17 Things You *Must* Do With Your Besties This Year!!

17 Things You *Must* Do With Your Besties This Year!!
We all have these things we want to do with our besties, but never really get down to doing them. Well, this is the year you must try it all! Here is a bestie bucket list for you to check off with your bestie this year!

1. Take an epic road trip together…

bestie bucket list 1

2. Give each other a complete makeover!

3. Swap wardrobes for an entire week.

4. Explore a completely new country together. Or, at least, a new city!

5. Go out somewhere wearing matching outfits!

bestie bucket list 5

6. Learn a new language together

7. Don’t step out all weekend and binge-watch a random TV show with each other!


8. Work out together!

9. Go for an amazing music festival you’ve both been thinking about...

10. Encourage each other to apply for your dream jobs!

bestie bucket list 10

11. Make up your own little dance routine!

12. Go karaoke-ing in some random (almost shady) bar!

13. Try an extreme sport!

14. Go camping. Experience nature at its best!

15. Have your own special selfie pose!

bestie bucket list 15

16. Plan awesome birthday surprises for each other!

17. Talk to each other every (or at least every other) day!

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