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The Only 20 Beauty Tricks You Need To Know In Your 20s!

The Only 20 Beauty Tricks You Need To Know In Your 20s!
Your 20s are all about heartbreak, learning that hangovers are very real, trying to look presentable on a rushed morning and basically trying to juggle work and fun. To help you get through this life-shaping period, we help make things easier for you by conjuring up a list of the only beauty tricks you need to get you through it all.  There are so many confusing beauty tips out there, this helps you keep all the useful ones in one place. You may be running late for every meeting or trying desperately to impress your crush, but at least you don’t have to worry about looking fabulous doing it all!

1. To salvage a breakout, use tea tree oil the second you spot a pimple coming on. Use it when you know you’re PMS-ing too, if you’re prone to zits.

best beauty tricks for your 20s

2. Wake your eyes up by lining your lower eyes with nude eyeliner. It will help your peepers look bright and alert in an instant.

3.  Add a bit of liquid highlighter to your foundation or moisturizer to give you that dewy glow and transform dull skin.

4. Don’t be taken in by sunscreens that provide “all day protection”. Reapply sunscreen every couple hours to ensure protection from strong UV radiation.

5. Dab on some shimmery gloss to the centre of your lips on the top and bottom to give the illusion of fuller, poutier lips.

best beauty tricks for your 20s

6. For perfectly tousled waves, wrap damp hair into a loose braid (you can try more than 1 if your hair is thick). Shake it out after 10 to 15 minutes and spritz on a texturizing spray for lazy girl waves.

7. Perfect the art of strobing to fake glowy skin and light up your face. Simply swipe on highlighter across your cheekbones, below the arch of your brows, down the bridge of your nose, above your cupid's bow and in the centre of your forehead. Don’t forget to blend.

8. A silk/ satin pillowcase will help combat frizz as well as help prevent wrinkles by not tugging on your skin like a regular pillowcase.

9. Swap a steamy shower for a lukewarm one instead. Hot water dries out the skin as well as the hair, which will make your skin more prone to wrinkles and your hair thinner as you grow older.

10. Allow a 2-finger distance between your nose and where your blush starts to make it look natural.

best beauty tricks for your 20s

11. If you really want to prolong your manicure for as long as possible, apply a thin coat of clean nail paint every 2 days, especially on the edges, to prevent chipping.

12. To instantly brighten your complexion and make your skin look fresh, dunk your face in a bowl of ice water or glide an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel across your face.

13. To make a bright/ dark lipstick appear less intense, apply it and then blot it off or use your fingers to dab it on instead of straight from the tube.


14. Invest in a good gel liner with a thin brush and pointed tip to help make drawing those wings easier and give you the look of a bold, liquid liner.

15. For more voluminous strands, rough-dry your hair by running your fingers through it under the blow dryer.

best beauty tricks for your 20s

16. Fish, berries, nuts, grapes, leafy greens and green tea are loading with antioxidants to help keep your skin clear and young.

17. Always, always have dry shampoo lying around. To help prolong a blow-dry, to postpone a wash, to freshen up your strands and to revive limp hair.

18. Mattify a glossy lipstick by applying it, placing a tissue across your lips and dusting on some loose powder over it. This will give it a matte effect as well as make it more long lasting.

19. The best time to moisturize your skin is right after your shower to help lock the moisture in and keep it hydrated.

20. Moisturize and then use a bit of primer before applying your makeup. It will help minimize the appearance of pores, make your skin look smoother and help your makeup stay in place all day.

best beauty tricks for your 20s

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