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Guys vs Girls: What We REALLY Think About Shopping!

It’s no secret that both sexes have very strong opinions about shopping. Some like it, some hate it, others think it is the best thing in the whole wide world! We spoke to a bunch of men and women and gathered their thoughts on retail therapy and found out how differently we think. Here are a few more reasons to prove men are from Mars and women from Venus!

1. Keeping An Entire Day Aside For It

Women: Obviously! You walk in, buy what you want, look around for other things you might need, shop some more, brunch with friends, shop some more, take your shoes off at a quiet corner to give your feet a break, shop some more… this is how it goes down #WhenAWomanShops!

battle of the sexes on shopping. 1a

Men: What? Ridiculous! You walk into the mall, you buy what you want, you walk out!

battle of the sexes on shopping. 1b

2. Planning  

Women: We got this sista! A mental list of things we need, a shopping bag handy, change, credit card, car keys - check, check, check!

battle of the sexes on shopping. 2a

Men: We totes got this. A mental list with money… where the hell are the car keys?

battle of the sexes on shopping. 2b

3. Shopping For Self

Women: There is absolutely nothing like retail therapy. We hate it when someone else shops for us and then brings us the wrong size.

battle of sexes on shopping. 3b

Men: Do we really have to? Why can’t someone else do it? Shopping for ourselves is the most boring thing ever. Wrong size? You mean muscle tees and gangsta clothes? Thank you!

battle of sexes on shopping. 3b

4. Expensive Store Haul

Women: Who cares what it costs, we love it. If we can’t afford it this month, we’ll save up for it and buy it in a couple more.

battle of sexes on shopping. 3a

Men: There are two types of guys in the world. Ones who ONLY buy expensive stuff and those who NEVER buy expensive anything.

battle of sexes on shopping. 4b


5. Thrift Shopping!

Women: Bargains are so cool. If a shopkeeper charges Rs 800 for a dress, you quote Rs 400. That way you get it for Rs 500. Win-win! #WhenAWomanShops

battle of sexes on shopping. 5a

Men: If a shopkeeper charges Rs 800 for a coat, he’s probably fleecing you. You don’t buy the coat. At least buy a branded coat man!

battle of sexes on shopping. 5b

6. Making Wardrobe Space

Women: Now that’s a pain. Can’t discard that tapered pair of pants because an ex really liked it. Can’t throw away the basic blue cardigan, it goes with everything. Can’t get rid of the floral skirt either… it’s too pretty :/

battle of sexes on shopping. 6a

Men: *pushes clothes in closet to one side*. Done. Easy peasy!

battle of sexes on shopping. 6b

Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Jan 05, 2016
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