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7 Jewellery Pieces To Steal From Your Mom!

7 Jewellery Pieces To Steal From Your Mom!
We all agree that Deepika looks stunning in Bajirao Mastani, with her minimalistic makeup and her exquisite outfits. And her jewellery wins our heart and we cannot wait to get our hands on some of this tasteful wonderful jewellery extraordinaire... We’ve put together some of our most favorite ones for you. Even if you can’t buy them, borrow them from your mom - and wear them to shine fiercely!

1.  The Intricate Nath!

1 bajirao mastani jewellery

The nath or nathni is pretty much constant as part of her jewellery through the movie. Instead of opting for a small nose ring or a nose pin, trying this exaggerated nathni next time you are in your Indian avatar! It looks so gorgeous, but make sure you keep everything else minimal! The best way to nail the Mastani look is this one piece!

2. The Elaborate Jhoomar!

2 bajirao mastani jewellery

Since passas are not just being worn at weddings by the bride but also being loved by most young women, you need to invest in one of these beautiful pieces. The grid-like structure and those tiny pearls hanging from the bottom give this one a purely traditional look! We’re pretty sure when you don this one statement piece, you’re going to make heads turn in envy!

3. The Detailed Neckpiece!

3 bajirao mastani jewellery

Since the choker necklace is back in vogue, you’ve got to experiment with it. Match this choker with a deep-cut blouse this shaadi season! Deepika’s mastered the art of wearing three different types of chokers - you can do it too! Get different layers of chokers and you’ll be ready to amp your look!

4. The Evergreen Maang Tika

4 bajirao mastani jewellery

Deepika aces this look so beautifully. Do not forget to add a maang tika to complete your dressy look. Wear it with a sari, an anarkali or a plain salwar kameez - it will definitely add dimension to your overall personality, and it looks so pretty resting on your forehead!

5. The Classic Jhumkis!

bajirao mastani jewellery

If you love conventional jewellery, then you need a pair of jhumkis. Deepika wears the most amazing gold jhumkis in the song “Pinga” along with some smaller ear cuffs. It’s that one quintessential pair of earrings that looks lovely every single time you wear it, and they are so versatile too!

6. The Bold Haath Phool!

6 bajirao mastani jewellery

Deepika doesn’t leave any chance to look anything short of grand in the song “Deewani Mastani”, making all of us to stare at her in awe! Wear them on both the hands or only one, the choice is yours. This engaging piece of jewellery is sure to catch a lot of attention and make you the show stopper for the evening!

7. The Never-Ending Earrings

7 bajirao mastani jewellery

These delightful earrings with all those maze like pearl strings look so like something we cannot keep our hands off! You can create this chandelier effect with different earrings too and add the strings or ear cuffs to give yourself that edge over everyone else. It’s going to make you shimmer and shine!


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