10 Annoying Questions Every Engaged Couple Gets Asked!

10 Annoying Questions Every Engaged Couple Gets Asked!
Shaadi ki baat paaki ho gayi? And he’s put a gorgeous, glittering ring on your finger? Congratulations! And now brace yourself for all the annoying engagement questions you’ll get asked. This is going to be fun, for us certainly!

1. Arranged hai ya love marriage?

Ummm…love *wink*?

annoying engagement questions 1

2. Sharma ji, itna handsome ladka kahan se mila?

Excuse me, my daughter deserved THE best. You want one for yourself also kya?

3. How did you meet him? Tell us the story na!

On Shaadi.com, aur kuch?

4. Wedding date fix hui? Where will the wedding be?

It’s a only day later! Aur sath hi sath we’re planning our first baby too. Want more deets?

annoying engagement questions 4

5. Where is the ring?! Show me! *excitement overload*

It’s a princess cut diamond. Picture le lo. You’ve got your ladies club gossip topic for the day.


6. BTW, what does he do? And his parents? Kitne bhai-behen hain?

Kitni investigation karoge?

7. Will you be staying with the in-laws?

Yes, no, maybe. It’s too early for these decisions!

annoying engagement questions 7

8. How will you adjust since he’s from a different community?

Different community people don’t eat you up! Reeelaaxx.

9. Shaadi ke baad job karogi?

Marriage is not equal to housewife! Yeh kaisa question hai?!

10. Honeymoon pe kahan ja rahe ho?

Kyun, you want to come along?

annoying engagement questions 10

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