7 Things EVERY Girl Faces (And Survives!) At Work

7 Things EVERY Girl Faces (And Survives!) At Work
Being a girlboss is an amazing accomplishment, but not an easy feat to achieve! From not being taken seriously by male colleagues to having to deal with less pay for equal work, we’ve compiled a list of all the realities that every girlboss-in-the-making will absolutely relate to, and will inspire you to continue kicking butt at work and owning everything - even those five days of the month!

1. The Working Late Dilemma

If you don’t pull in the occasional late shift, the bosses will think you’re slacking. But staying late in office comes with its own issues - from ensuring safety during your late night commute home to being judged by family and nosy-neighbours about your ‘lifestyle’. It ain’t easy being a working girl!

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2. Outfit Menace

Wear a skirt that’s half-an-inch too high - you’re being ‘inappropriate’! An inch too long - you’re being ‘sloppy’. So ladies, wear what you think is professional and attractive, because if you listen to what others have to say - there’s no way to win!

3. Equal Pay? Yeah Right!

Let’s just put it this way, if you land yourself a job where you and a male counterpart get equal pay for equal work - hold on to that job with BOTH hands! Pakde rehna, chodna nahi!

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4.  The ‘M’ word

Hit the age of 25 and walk into a job interview - it’s hilarious to watch the interviewer awkwardly shuffle around the question of your marriage and family plans!

5. Biology No Bar

The fact that you’re working despite the obliterating cramps, messy bleeding, and sanitary pad discomfort is totally flipping awesome! And thanks to amazing brands like Whisper, working through the worst of those-5-days has never been easier! Now you can #OwnThose5Days.

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6. Acting Assertive? You Must Be PMS-ing!

Really? REALLY? In fact, at the recent launch of Whisper Ultra, actress Parineeti Chopra addressed many of the myths that shroud menstruation - dealing with issues faced by schoolgirls and working women and debunking myths that don’t make any sense!

7. Work-Life Balance - That’s The Woman’s Job!

It’s up to the woman to strike the right balance between home and work, while the man’s sole focus (even after marriage) is believed to be his career. This is unfair to both sexes. But times, fortunately, are changing. More and more managers are recognizing the merit of women employees and we’ve got some badass role-models like Indira Nooyi and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who show us that women can truly have it all!

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