5 Things EVERY Girl Remembers About Her Wedding!

5 Things EVERY Girl Remembers About Her Wedding!
It’s a cliche to say that the wedding is the most memorable time of any girl’s life. But that doesn’t make it any less true! It’s a joyful time filled with love, pampering, unity, and most importantly - blessings! Here are five reasons why a girl always remembers the time of her wedding!

1. The Romance

You’re about to make the ultimate commitment to spend your life with your groom. The anticipation of wedded bliss, the coming together of your families, and the promise of starting a new life together - the overwhelming feelings of joy and love are the stuff of lifelong memories!

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2. Special Moments With Friends And Family

When all your loved ones gather to celebrate your wedding and pamper you - a girl can’t help but feel special! The days leading up to the wedding - the bonhomie, the laughter, the love from friends and family - are what make for lifelong memories!

3. The Clothes

Everything about the clothes - from the hours spent in shopping to the way you’ll look on your wedding day are truly special. Add to that the anticipation of seeing your groom in his bridal outfit! The whole experience of trousseau shopping, designing, tailor visits and fittings make the best memories!

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4. The ‘New’ Family

One of the most exciting moments of any wedding is when the bride arrives at her in-laws place. The newlyweds are welcomed into their home and made to play various customary games that act as an ice-breaker for the nervous bride. The warm welcome, the gifts, the love, the pampering - the first moments of stepping into a new family are memorable for every bride!

5. The Blessings

When your elders - parents, grandparents, and in-laws come together to bless you for your marriage, both you and your groom are bound to feel especially loved. The occasion merits a platinum promise of everlasting blessings that is rooted to traditions yet contemporary in appeal. And that moment when your MIL gifts you a beautiful Platinum Evara set, you know it’s special!‎

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