5 Reasons You Should Be Sleeping Naked (For Real!)

5 Reasons You Should Be Sleeping Naked (For Real!)
Sleeping is one of the most important functions of the human body. Even if you’re eating healthy and working out, your body will be a little lackadaisical if you are not getting the right amount of sleep. From muscle repair to mental and physical relaxation, the benefits of sleeping are endless. But did you know that sleeping NAKED could do wonders for your body? Yes, we’re talking about going commando! Science has proven that sleeping in the nude can actually have more health benefits than you could have ever imagined. Here are some of them!

1. Free you = Happier you

sleeping naked

Imagine. You in your raw skin, sandwiched between two cool sheets. No drawstrings or elastics hugging your body, no shirt twists when you wanna move. Isn’t that complete bliss when your body goes through so much the whole day? Being in a state of complete freedom and relaxation gives us mental and physical calmness, which in turn leads to a happier body and mind the next morning. A state of mental wellbeing and happiness resonates in your day-to-day activities. It also reflects on your work, studies and relationships.

2. Keeps skin diseases at bay!

For once, every part of your body gets to breathe. Especially the ones like our toes or armpits, which are always covered even during the hottest summer days. Sleeping naked finally allows blood to flow freely through our body. The skin is made up of a million little pores and these pores can develop yeast and bacterial infections when clogged. When you’re letting your skin breathe, you’re also dodging skin infections resulting from clogged pores and bacteria build-up that happens when your skin is suffocated and damp.

3. Helps you look forever young

sleeping naked

Melatonin, a very important anti-aging and growth hormone, is released in our body=ies when we sleep. The popular phrase “You need your beauty sleep” isn’t a myth. When we sleep naked, the natural temperature of our bodies is a little cooler than when we sleep with our clothes on. According to a study, melatonin - or any other hormone for that matter - functions well when the body temperature is no higher than 70 degrees and - you’ve guessed it - sleeping naked will help maintain that healthy temperature for your body. For all you curious cats, the amazing effects of melatonin have been summarised in The Melatonin Miracle.


4. Helps you reduce belly fat and weight

This is directly linked to stress. Your body might be physically or mentally stressed at times - whether it’s a job or a relationship gone wrong, or not finding the perfect dress in your size! There are multiple factors that cause stress. Stress is one of the major reasons for fat build-up and weight gain. When you sleep sound, your stress levels decrease. When that happens, there is a decrease in the production of a very strange but important hormone called Cortisol. An increase in cortisol results in an unhealthy appetite and major food cravings...and we all know what follows when that happens. And we already told you that sleeping naked helps you sleep sounder and in a more relaxed manner!

5. Keeps your sex organs happier

Allowing your privates to breathe without being covered by fabric even at night is always a good idea. Happy sex organs mean a healthier sex life, DUH. There is an increase in the level of the “feel-good” hormone oxytocin. As well, a study shows that couples who sleep naked have more intimacy in their relationship, which results in healthier and a happier sex life!

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