Will You Land Your Dream Job in 2016? Your Horoscope Says... | POPxo

Will You Land Your Dream Job in 2016? Your Horoscope Says...

Will You Land Your Dream Job in 2016? Your Horoscope Says...
Have you been waiting for that appraisal, or thinking of starting something of your own? Maybe this new year all your wishes will come true! Here’s what the stars predict your career graph is going to look like in 2016. Happy new year, everyone! :-)


If you are planning to start something of your own - this year is when you should go for it. Everything seems to be in your favor this new year, Aries, and all you have to do really is dream high and work hard. Make long term strategies and follow them through and you are bound to succeed.Take risks, meet more people, get ambitious - and live your dream!
2016 career forecast


The Bull will have to fight and make her own way! You may find this year to be a little challenging, Taurus, which is why you need to be at your creative best. Don’t take uncalculated risks, and be careful with your money too. Any situation that requires you to shell out quite a lot of money, we’d suggest you hit pause and get some advice from friends and family first. That being said, you’re a fighter and will get past all your troubles with a little imagination and creativity. 2016 career forecast


It’s time to get realistic, Gemini! This year is all about getting more organised. You need to focus on completing tasks at hand, and even delegating work and sharing responsibility with your juniors. In order to succeed and move ahead in life professionally, you need to try harder, in terms of investing more money and time to network with people. With that sharp wit, you can easily woo people over to your side and get tasks accomplished. 2016 career forecast


Your optimism will carry you through the year, Cancer! You may have to depend on your colleagues to get work done in the first half of the year - but you’ll be more free to take independent decisions in your work later. Because you’ll be earning well, you might overspend a bit too - so try to keep within budget, girl.
2016 career forecast


This year has excellent opportunities in store for you, Leo. Believe in yourself and be proactive in forging strategies, and presenting them to your seniors. Even if it requires some convincing on your part, listen to your gut and go ahead and do what it’s asking you to - for, chances are, you’ll be successful in your endeavour. You’d be earning well, and should start thinking about your savings too. 2016 career forecast


This is the year when you’ll have to push yourself harder and harness those hidden abilities to achieve everything you want. Keep your cool, and be extremely persuasive with your colleagues and help them see your point of view. Also, your social contacts will play a major role in helping you succeed. 2016 career forecast new_in_story_banner_500px


The new year calls for you to be at your assertive best. You may face some resistance from a few colleagues, but you shouldn’t let that dwindle your confidence. Instead, keep trying to convince them and get them on your side. The second half of the year will prove lucky for you, so if you are thinking about a change, etc., try to make your major professional decisions during the second half - but even then, do not jump to conclusions in a hurry. 2016 career forecast


Your confidence coupled with the inherent money managing skills will keep you ahead of all expenses, Scorpio. The year seems to be a good one for you, as you can expect a promotion amongst other perks towards the end of the first half of the year. Try not to impose your beliefs on your colleagues, though, as that might turn them against you.
2016 career forecast


This new year, your work life will take over everything else, Saggi. So it just makes sense to prepare yourself and start ahead with projects that may be pending. While the first half of the year may be a little trying and difficult for you, keep at it - ‘coz your hard work will soon reward you in the later half. Maintain a healthy relationship with your colleagues, and let them share in your rewards, for it will give you long term benefits. 2016 career forecast


There may be minor irritants during work - but do not lose your cool over them. You’ve got to maintain your composure while dealing with obstacles in your professional life, Capricorn - ‘coz that is the only way you can present your claim to your seniors for a promotion. So keep calm, and be friendly with all your colleagues. 2016 career forecast


You will have all the cooperation and help you need from others to start something of your own. And in just a few months, you will even reap benefits of all that hard work. You will also feel a new confidence and diplomacy surging through you in your professional dealings, which you may have found missing earlier, and this will give you an edge over others. 2016 career forecast


It’s time to leave all doubt behind, take swift decisions and get working on them. This is a great year for you to expand your business or maybe even start something of your own. You may taste sweet fame for all your efforts towards the year end.
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