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#Horoscope: Your Love Forecast For 2016!!

#Horoscope: Your Love Forecast For 2016!!
2016 is finally here! It’s a year for new beginnings and another chance to find true love. Whether you’re going to find your soulmate or make a special connection with your partner, the chances of you making a few quality bonds are destined this year. So, ladies, are you excited to know what’s your love forecast for 2016? Read on to find out, we say!

Aries - The Ram

If You’re Single Love is found when you’re not looking for it. With regard to your love life, Aries, don’t run after love. Instead, do your own thing and give it time to find you. Get involved in as many activities as you can and learn to love yourself. The right one will come along the way.
2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Certain things about your partner may be hard to accept. You’ve been adjusting to their needs for far too long now. Try once, or maybe even twice, but if it’s yet not working out, let it go. It’s for the best. In the future, If you’re destined to meet them again, you will anyway. 2016 Love Forecast

Taurus - The Bull

If You’re Single Life is all going according to your plan, Taurus. The right friends, the right job, and the right lifestyle. We also know you that finding the person of your dreams is not a priority at the moment. You’re willing to wait it out. In addition, we have fabulous news for you: somewhere during the year, you will bump into that someone special. 2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Do you click with your partner intellectually? If that’s what your relationship is lacking, you might want to work on it. Find common ground and communicate with your partner on a deeper level. Fix your differences before it’s too late. 2016 Love Forecast

Gemini - The Twins

If You’re Single Don’t feel bad about a relationship not working out in the past. It didn’t for a reason. You deserve so much better. You have to put this behind you to make space for someone new to enter your life. Hope for the best, and let everything fall into place at its own pace.  
2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner It’s all about making time for the one you love this year. Spend time with your partner and treat them well. Show them that you love them by being at their side. Go on a trip, grab lunch or even drive away from the city by yourselves. “Alone time” is what your relationship needs. Spread the love, Gemini. 2016 Love Forecast

Cancer - The Crab

If You’re Single Everyone has a choice, and you must know that you have one too. Just because someone said they love you, doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. Before getting together with this person, ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this?” Your conscience will answer your question. 2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner You and your partner will grow stronger as a couple by the end of the year. You will be able to not just understand them better, but also do extraordinary things because you love them. In return, they will be standing by your side like a pillar of strength through thick and thin. You’ve got yourself a keeper. Don’t let him go. 2016 Love Forecast

Leo - The Lion

If You’re Single Why does it matter if everyone else is dating and you’re yet living the solo life? Have you thought about maybe liking the idea of a relationship but not the thought of being in one? Let’s be honest, relationships require time. At this point in your life, you may not be ready to have one. It’s okay. Don’t let peer pressure get to you. The right person will come along when they need to.
2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Compliment your partner every day. They deserve to be loved by you. Make them feel special by doing tiny acts of kindness. Win their heart with your charisma. What you have beside you is a rare gem. They are precious and not everyone is lucky to find partners like them. 2016 Love Forecast

Virgo - The Virgin

If You’re Single The only person who is holding you back in the game of love is yourself. Don’t do that! Something new is about to come your way. Get ready to welcome them with open arms.  If you’ve just got out of a relationship or are having a tough time keeping one, let it go. Leave it up to the universe to judge. Time is the best healer. 2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Space plays a very important role in a relationship. Too much of it is bad, and too little of it is bad too! If things between you and your partner aren’t going too well, give it space. During that time, focus on your flaws and learn to own up to them. This very attitude will save your relationship. 2016 Love Forecast New In Story Banner 500px

Libra - The Scales

If You’re Single It’s a lucky year for you, Libra! Whatever you touch, success will follow. New friends, new love and a new life - it’s all about to become a reality.  Be open to learning from people and situations as much as you can. You can have it all, and the universe has got your back. Get ready to find the love of your life this year.
2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner You will be able to look beyond your partner’s imperfections and that itself is love in its purest form. This is a great year for bonding with your partner. Keeping your differences aside, the two of you can become a power couple. You can do this! 2016 Love Forecast

Scorpio - The Scorpion

If You’re Single Sometimes, the love of your life could be the person sitting right next to you. What we mean to tell you is, keep your eyes open! If you pay close attention to the little hints and signs, you might end up making the right decision after all. You’re about to fall in love this year. Go with the flow and don’t stress about the little things. Good things come to those who wait. 2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Relationships are about compromises. Especially if you want to get closer to your partner. This is not easy, we know. However, your partner will appreciate your effort. These sacrifices may seem difficult now, but they will have a positive impact on your relationship by the end of the year. 2016 Love Forecast

Sagittarius - The Archer

If You’re Single In the first half of the year, love may not even be on your radar. You’re not the kind to go after things if you don’t count them as important in your life. Right now, you seem to be happy where you are. You’re in no hurry to find love, and that’s an attitude the universe appreciates.
2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner What do you want out of life, Sagittarius? Friends, career or a love life? The thing is, you can’t have all three without making a lot of effort. You’ve got to let go of your high expectations and choose what is right for you at this moment. If you can’t handle a relationship right now, you’ve got to get yourself out of it. If that’s your choice, then make sure you end things on a good note. 2016 Love Forecast

Capricorn - The Goat

If You’re Single You will gather the courage to talk to your crush. When you do, do not rush into things. Give it time. Enjoy their company and learn a thing or two from them. Start by becoming their friend first before confessing your feelings to them. 2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Take a chill pill this 2016, Capricorn. You will sail through every obstacle like a boss! Your love life won’t be any different either. You and your better half will enjoy each other’s company. You will probably even learn a couple of new things from them too! Hold on to your favourite person and give them whatever they need from you. Stand up for them and be their pillar of support, because you know they would do the same for you. 2016 Love Forecast

Aquarius - The Water Bearer

If You’re Single Travel is on your cards this year. Not business travel, though. Travelling with your crush! You will be able to see them in a different light. Grab this opportunity to know whether you genuinely connect with them on all levels. This friendship has the potential of transforming into a lovely relationship.
2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner Honesty and clarity are the building blocks of your relationship. Nothing can do your relationship any harm if you have these qualities. You might quarrel on and off with your partner, but at the end of the day, love holds the two of you together. Accept them for who they are, without expecting anything from them in return. Give selflessly and the rewards will double. The power to heal your relationship is in your hands, don’t let it slip away. Mend the bond before it’s too late. 2016 Love Forecast

Pisces - The Fish

If You’re Single You will meet your soulmate when you least expect it, Pisces! Instead of looking for them, know that they’re on the hunt to find you. Once they do, your heart will know that they’re the one. Wait for that day to come, because you know it’s not far away. You will meet them soon. 2016 Love Forecast If You Have A Partner This year has plenty of opportunities lined up, all you’ve got to do is pick the one that benefits you the most. Your love life will be as positive as ever! You and your partner share a harmonious relationship and will continue the same in the new year. Give each other space and be there for one another. It is they who will bring the best out in you. Treasure them, we say! 2016 Love Forecast Images: Tumblr and Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #Horoscope: What Does 2016 Have In Store For YOU?! MUST-READ: #Horoscope: Will This Week Be Naughty Or Nice?!