You CAN Go Trousseau Shopping Without Mom - Here’s How!

You CAN Go Trousseau Shopping Without Mom - Here’s How!
Trousseau shopping is not chota mota shopping. And being a long distance bride can become nothing short of a nightmare! You try doing all the wedding shopping in a short time and end up with stuff which you don’t really ‘love’. That’s exactly why we’ve got you 12 super awesome lifesaving shopping tips for the long distance bride!

1. Write it down

Make a detailed list of things you need: what outfit at which function, how many sarees and suits, colour preferences (if any) and a broad budget. Have this list ready at least 6 months in advance.

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2. Figure out body basics 101

Figure out your body type so you’re only looking through stuff that suits YOU. Straight suits vs anarkalis, high-waisted lehengas and full sleeves for a fuller figure, or deep necks for a taller frame? Ask your family and friends for suggestions if required.

3. Get online, get connected

Makeup artists, local wedding designers, wedding stores - they are all there online. Get in touch and flip through their latest designs. Facebook groups like Wedwise are super helpful to contact vendors. Figure out the timelines they work on and request them to send you regular WhatsApp updates.

4. A a personal shopper to the rescue!

Yes! It’s happening! If you’ve got a buck or two to spare, hire a personal shopper who does all the shopping on your behalf. They know all the right places, can help you get extra discounts and suggest outfits to go with your personality. If you’re in Mumbai, check out PracheTheStylist for more deets. Rani by Neha Mahajan comes highly recommended for Delhi brides.

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5. Shop online, duh!

Lingerie and honeymoon clothing can easily be shopped for online. Get onto Jabong to shop for basic suits or sarees you may need post the wedding. Read through the material details and user reviews for making an informed choice. Zoom in to get a better look at the work and texture, and keep enough time in hand for exchange and refunds.


6. Shop for shoes and makeup basics from your own city!

For example, a silver or gold pair of heels to go with all your wedding outfits, a nice pair of juttis and a couple of dressy flats. Invest in colours that can be paired with maximum outfits. Shopping for makeup essentials like a good foundation, red or pink lipsticks, a blush and eyeshadow pallette can also be done beforehand.

7. Rent it out

If you do not wish to spend a bomb on the wedding day outfit or jewellery, rent it out! Check out Swishlist for designer wedding outfits and RentJewels for wedding day jewels. It is suggested that you place your order at least a week - 10 days before your event date to avoid any last minute hassles.

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8. Nominate your point of contact

This person, ideally a family member or a friend with some time on their hands, can help you check in on the vendors and send you regular updates, feedback and images.

9. When buying jewellery...

Always go in for trusted and certified brands. Refine your budget and shop for pieces that are versatile and can be matched with more than one outfit.

10. Do not lie!

...About the waist size. Send in your accurate bodily measurements and not the ones you aspire to. It’s always good to have your outfits stitched an inch larger to make last minute alterations are easier. Keep the height of your heel in mind for the lehenga and explore the idea of readymade blouses to team with your sarees.

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11. Plan your trips to the home town

Two months prior to the wedding, make a trip to your home city for your outfit, jewellery and shoe trials. It will also help you plan accessories that go with your outfits. Also, get in at least a week before the D-Day to finalise any last minute changes.

12. Don’t be a bridezilla

Keep it simple, and don’t become laser-focussed on every. little. detail. Accept that certain things you wouldn’t be able to control. trust us, this will only help you prioritise and remain calm. Most importantly, you’ve got to be a quick decision maker. Being in two minds about crucial decisions is not going to help. Yay or nay, take your quick pick.

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