Unisex Underwear. Wait, WHAT?!

Unisex Underwear. Wait, WHAT?!
For a long time now, we have seen a lot of gender neutral things in the world of fashion - unisex jackets, shoes, sweaters, etc. In fact, the biggest fashion trend in the past year and a half has been the Androgyny trend. Women borrowing staples from the men’s closets, items such as the oversized jacket, boyfriend denims and shirts and so on. And who would’ve thought that of all things, gender-neutral, underwear would be one of them too?! Apparently such a thing as unisex underwear exists!!

unisex underwear

Image Source: Calvin Klein On Instagram

An American company called Play Out introduced a range of unisex underwear which has been adopted by many other brands in the market. They have a broad waistband but no open fly, making them accessible to both men and women. They come as briefs as well as boxer shorts and in a variety of funky prints and designs.

unisex underwear

Image Source: Play Out on Instagram

While unisex underwear is slowly gaining popularity, we are not sure if we would really go and purchase them. Might get confused with our partners about what belongs to whom!! What do you think?!

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