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First Dates Gone Wrong! 6 Girls Tell Their Stories…

First Dates Gone Wrong! 6 Girls Tell Their Stories…

First dates can be awkward and nerve wracking as it is! But what happens when an incident makes it particularly embarrassing or just outright annoying!? Here are a few girls sharing their worst first date stories! 1. I’m not your typical ‘dainty darling’ so for me to dress up in stilettos and wear that red dress was quite a big deal! I was meeting this guy my friend had set me up a date with. We were at dinner, and it was all going quite well. Of course some red wine had to be ordered and I being as animated as I am was telling him all about some funny incident that had happened a few days ago. Minutes after the wine was served on the table, I knocked over the glass and spilt the wine all over myself and not just anywhere, but in the most obvious place! Generally, I am super comfortable about dealing with awkward situations like this, but that day, the day I really wanted to make that great first impression, I was so annoyed that happened!
- Finance Consultant, 26 worst first date incidents 2. This guy I had a crush on for the longest time, finally asked me out! I was super excited and obviously could not wait for this much awaited date. He picked me up and we were headed to this super fancy place for dinner. The evening was perfect, as was the guy. It was just like I had imagined. We had an amazing three course meal and then it was time for the bill. The only problem being, we had BOTH forgotten to carry our wallets!! We ended up having to call a common friend to come rescue us. It was SO embarrassing for both of us. It was a rather quiet ride back home! - Wedding planner, 24 3. I met this really cute guy through a common friend and we hit it off immediately. We spoke on the phone and decided to meet at a quaint little coffee shop after I got done from college. We ordered two coffees and a sandwich to share. Midway through the meal he excused himself to use the washroom. He took 30 minutes to get back, by which time I’d ordered a couple more coffees. Thirty minutes later he needed to use the washroom again. We’d spent six hours at that coffee shop and by the time he made his third trip to the washroom, I got up and left, leaving my half of the bill on the table. I didn’t mean to be unsympathetic but I was running out of patience. Clearly he was down with the loosies and the toilet got more action than I did that day! - Writer, 27 worst first date incidents 4. I had liked this guy for as long as I could remember. We had been flirting with each other for ages and he finally asked me out. On our first date (which was also one of my first dates EVER) he took me out for a movie. Everything was going fine till the interval, when we both got up to get something to drink. I was trying to keep him engaged in conversation as we walked down the steps in the theatre when somehow I tripped and fell. I rolled down 4 steps till he finally caught me. It was mortifying! The whole theatre turned around to stare. The rest of the movie couldn’t have gone slower, I couldn’t concentrate on anything except how big a klutz I was. I was beyond embarrassed!!
- Stylist, 26 POPxo In-Story Download Banner 5. I really liked this one guy who I met through a dating app. After we got to know each other a little better, he asked me out on a date! We met at a popular eatery in Bandra. We laughed, we joked and most importantly, we clicked. It was all going well, until we called for the bill. Without a second thought, he gave the bill to me. I was shocked and found it extremely awkward that he didn’t even offer to split it! I didn’t say a word nor did I want to embarrass him or myself. I cleared the bill, told him that it was nice to meet him, and got out of the place quickly. He didn’t even call me after that. The least he could’ve done was be a little courteous?! - Freelance Designer, 25 worst first date incidents 6. I had been talking to this guy who had been studying in Singapore. He was coming home for the holidays, and we decided to meet up. We went into every little detail to make sure our first date was beautiful. But we didn’t consider something entirely different that would be an issue! As soon as I slipped into the seat next to him in his car, guess who called and asked him to come back home to spend time with her? His mommy! So my date ended in a rush, even before it started!! - Student, 21 GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Flirting Tricks That Never Fail! Team POPxo Reveals All… MUST-READ: #Aww: 14 Girls Share Their “Jab We Met” Stories!
Published on Dec 1, 2015
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