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6 Cute Looks to Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe!

6 Cute Looks to Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe!
Winter is here, and out come the ponchos, hoodies, blazers and overcoats. While we love winter fashion, we miss the fresh prints and vibrant colours associated with summer clothes. And when we found out that Chumbak had merged summer freshness with winter warmth in their new collection, we knew we had to find out more. Here, we’ve got some of India’s most exciting young fashion bloggers sporting some colourful and drool-worthy Chumbak winter garb. And the best part, they all cost less than 2,500 bucks!

1. Fly Me To The Moon

winter colour trends. 1 We’re loving Aashna Shroff in this colour burst of a sweater. Priced at Rs 1,995 - the bright yellow adds some much needed brightness to dreary winter days, and we can’t get enough of the little rocket ships emblazoned on the sleeves!

2. So Delicious

winter colour trends. 2 Kavya D’Souza stays warm and keeps things cool in this fabulous ‘Nom Nom’ sweater. We’re loving the neckline and the cute typography across the front. We also love that it’s a real steal at just Rs 2,295!

3. Sweetest Thing

winter colour trends. 3 The cute popsicle print all over Nilu Yuleena Thapa’s hoodie has sure made us hungry! The delicate pattern perfectly sets off the gray of this hoodie. Worth Rs 1,995 - it’s the perfect winter essential to pair with your jeans and dresses!

4. Bye Bye Birdie

winter colour trends. 4 Kritika Khurana looks all kinds of fabulous in this bright and cheerful Birdhouse Skater Dress. We love the little birdies emblazoned all over the bright pink. We’re looking forward to adding it to our own wardrobes at just Rs 1,995.

5. Pleated Love

winter colour trends. 5 Everything about Shaily Khera’s City in Bloom pleated dress just screams CUTE! This little number would look ideal under cardigans and over leggings. Priced at Rs 2,295 - it’s a must-buy.

6. Meow!

winter colour trends. 6 Rounding up our list with the cutest, quirkiest sweater ever is Agam Preet. The smiling kitty, the geometric print, the delightful combination of black, yellow and blue - what’s not to love? And guess what, this Aztec Cats Raglan sweater is just Rs 2,295! For more such amazing looks and bargains, we highly recommend that you look up the Chumbak One collection. *This is a sponsored post for Chumbak.