#ScienceSays: THIS Is Why We Find Guys With Deep Voices Sexy!

#ScienceSays: THIS Is Why We Find Guys With Deep Voices Sexy!
It’s amazing how we swoon over men who have that deep baritone, isn’t it?! They seem to hold us in awe with that smooth voice that works like magic over our senses. Guess what? It’s not so much magic as science! Here’s why most of us women have the hots for men with a deep voice...

1. Handsome is as handsome sounds!

Men who sound sexy tend to appear sexy to us in our heads too. It’s like listening in to a deep, bottomless pool that we just can’t wait to take a dip into.

2. It’s kind of a mating call!

Studies say that men with deep voices have a higher likelihood of producing children. Their low voice sounds to women much like that primitive call of the alpha male to come mate with him - no wonder it’s so hard to resist.

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3. It’s the lure of the bad boy...

Men with deep voices have also been found to steer clear of commitment, along with a tendency to cheat on their partners (whaaat?!). It’s like that deep voice is laced with seduction, and even when we know it’s luring us in, we let it, because there is nothing that beats the bad boy charm! Even if it’s only because we want that bad boy to turn good for us. :D

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4. They are strong candidates, by human evolutionary standards!

Men with a deeper voice have higher testosterone levels, which means that they tend to be much more dominant and masculine than others, and isn’t all this just everything that a lot of women find attractive and would want in our partners?!

men with deep voices

5. They sound intimidating, and some of us kinda find that attractive!

A deep voice sounds like it’s coming from one who’s in control, and that really turns a lot of people on.

6. Husky morning voice, or late night whisper... oh-so-hot!

Men with a deep voice just sound super sexy. All. The. Time! We can’t help but wish we could keep listening to them forever!!

men with deep voices

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