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The REAL Reason We Love Taking Selfies!

The REAL Reason We Love Taking Selfies!
There is so much being said about the selfie! If you’re not taking them, you’re seeing them- all over your social media feed. The selfie has literally become an obsession faster than anything else ever has!

But what does science really say? Is it alright that so many of us love taking selfies and can’t stop looking at them?!

In everyday life, human beings spend a lot of time looking at and interpreting other peoples' expressions. Most of our day goes in sub consciously analysing other peoples' expressions and what they really mean. So through our daily interactions with people, we become experts at guessing what their expressions really mean and responding accordingly. Which is actually important for successful social interactions.

Why we love taking selfies

In contrast to this, we actually have very little experience in looking at our own facial expressions. The only way we guess our own expression is through feeling our facial movements. In this way we cannot actually control what other people see or what our expressions really are. The selfie gives us a chance to control and see our own expression! We are able to take pictures and represent ourselves to others in exactly the way that we want. We can finally take an image of ourselves that comes close to what we think we look like in our heads!


This is why a selfie, more than any other form of a picture seems more attractive to us and for some people even becomes an obsessive habit!

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