10 Times It’s OKAY To Not Agree With Your Guy!!

10 Times It’s OKAY To Not Agree With Your Guy!!
Being together and in love does NOT mean that you have to agree on everything. In fact, the more time you spend with someone and the closer you grow to him/ her, you also fight more!  And that’s completely okay - you just have to agree to disagree with your partner these 10 times...

1. What should we order for dinner?

You’re veg and he’s non-veg, or you’re just super bored of eating pizza every day and he still wants to try that new place that’s opened across the street! Food is going to happen at least three times a day, ladies - how much do you think you can fight it? Let’s just eat whatever we love, and keep our hands and noses off each others’ plates, please?

2. Who drives better?

He may say he drives better because you lack any sense of maps or direction, and you may point out the number of times he has rammed the car in the parking lot! Neither of you win, guys! So just try not to get in the way of another driving, ‘coz accidents are never fun.

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3. Early morning or late into the night?

Different times of the day bring out the creative best in us! The silence of the night may appeal to you, while he may prefer to sweat it out in the calm of the morning. You can’t really convince your partner to come alive in the same time as you do, ‘coz he just does not function that way. So make your peace with it.

4. WHY do you have to be friends with him/ her?

Now you may not like his best friend, but that really does not mean that he’ll stop hanging out any less with him - just like you won’t leave your bestie if he finds her annoying, will you? You two don’t have to be friends with each others’ friends. We say, why not enjoy your girl time - and let him enjoy his boys’ night too!

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5. That music is pure noise!!

Hard rock and jazz are not everyone’s cup of tea, just like Sufi and Bollywood aren’t everyone’s rhythm. It’s really okay if you two don’t jam together - as long as you don’t insist on playing the same damn thing over and over again. Let’s then exercise ‘variety is the taste of life’ to our music choices.

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6. What movie are we going to watch?

Sci-fi or rom com - movies are a couple of hours long, and you really shouldn’t torture another to repeatedly sit beside you for something they absolutely loathe. Come to terms with your differences, and either alternate watching one of both your choices, or just take your friend along instead of your boy.

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7. Where shall we spend that money?

Should you buy that bag, or let him buy those speakers for the car? When you pool in money to share your lives, where to spend the money can transform into a huge debate - and we say never back down from asking for what you want, as long as you’re equally willing to let him have whatever makes him happy too.

8. Where do we vacay?

Your idea of a vacation may be a five star hotel with a jacuzzi and luxurious spa services, while he may want to climb and trek and live in a camp. Now vacations involve precious savings and even more precious days off work - so we say, map a holiday that gets you the best of both worlds.

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9. Are you gonna wear THAT?

He might think wearing shorts to a dinner is perfectly fine and that you are the one going overboard with that dress. Well, hard as it may seem, understand that one dresses as much for occasion and place, as for his/her own comfort. So unless your partner absolutely must change whatever he/ she is wearing, let him have his comfort - just like you’d want yours.

10. Who cares more about the other?

No fight is as sweet as this one, for you’re actually arguing to prove who is more concerned about the other and getting worked up to be proved right. But, we’ll say let him win this one occasionally, for he’ll just love you more for agreeing with him on this!

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