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7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Vacation With Him!

7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Vacation With Him!
So you and your boyfriend have finally planned for your first vacation together! Oh how romantic. Just the two of you travelling to some place new and discovering things. You’re super excited. But have you thought everything that comes with it through?! There are a few things you should think about and know before your first vacation with him.

1. Are your parents okay with it?

And if not, what are you going to say to them? Yes, it's never nice having to make excuses and lying to your parents, but sometimes, you have no choice. Especially if you want to go on vacation with your guy and they don’t approve. Go ahead and have fun, but make sure you have whatever it is you’re going to tell them well planned out! You don’t want to hurt them even if there are some things you can’t tell them.

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2. Does the plan suit the both of you?

Have you been planning together or did one of you decide to take charge? Either way, make sure the plan, logistics and everything else suits the both of you. Reaching there and fighting about where you’re staying and what you’re going to do is the last thing you want!

3. Are you ready to spend all that time together (alone!)?

Yes, ideally you should be. But different couples and different people take different amounts of time opening up and being completely comfortable with each other. It's always nice if you are comfortable enough with each other and don’t get too awkward about things before deciding to spend a few days together! Because trust us, ladies, feeling shy about natural bodily processes will not help your cause!

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4. Does this mean you’re going to have sex?!

This is something you should be completely clear about! You both need to be on the same page about whether or not you’re going to have sex. If you are already having sex, there is obviously no problem here. But if you aren’t, going on vacation doesn't mean you have to! Talk to your partner about this beforehand and don’t get stressed about it. You could be ready to go on holiday, but that doesn’t have to mean you’re ready to have sex!

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5. Do you need to give each other some space and alone time too?

Of course you are on holiday together and you will be spending time with each other. That's the point! But there will be times you will want to do different things too. If you both can accommodate and do those things together, great. But if there is something one of you absolutely doesn't want to do and the other does, don't get hassled! Be supportive and allow each other that space. You’re together most of the time, a little time apart won’t hurt. :)

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6. How much time are you really going to spend on your gadgets?

While it is obvious that you will be checking your phone every now and then, is there a line you need to draw when you’re with another person?! Yes! It can be fairly upsetting and annoying when the one person you’re travelling with is constantly checking Facebook or is always on the phone! Think about this beforehand so that you’re actually conscious about it. You wouldn’t like it if he was on his phone the whole time either!

7. Are you willing to alter your plans according to your partner's budget?

If you both have the same budget for the trip, great. But if you don’t, you ought to show each other some consideration. After all, it is only your first vacation together. You’re going to have many more. You don’t need to completely give up on what you want, but meet each other halfway. So try not going on the high maintenance road and be kind to each other!

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