#HeSays: What A Guy Really Thinks The First Time He Has Sex!

#HeSays: What A Guy Really Thinks The First Time He Has Sex!
We're not sure what you ladies think, but we really don't have it all planned out when we have sex for the first time. We're basically just winging it and if you read on, you'll probably get a clearer idea as to exactly what guys really think during their first time! Trust us, it's not as raunchy as you would imagine.

1. Is this really happening?

2. Oh. WAIT. It is!

3. Is she expecting me to take charge?

4. But I don't know what to do!

5. It's okay, just act confident. Let's play it cool.

first time for guys 5

6. Can't be that hard to figure this out, right?

7. Am I big enough? Oh, god, I hope I am.

8. Well, she hasn't run away screaming yet, so I must be doing something right.

9. But she does seem ready to do another kind of screaming. :D

10. Crap, why do girls have such long nails?

first time for guys 10

11. It's fine, these shall be my battle scars.

12. Wow, wait. This really IS happening.

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13. I hope I don't, um, finish too soon.

14. OMG, I hope don't, uh, lose it in the middle! Should NOT have read up so much on "performance anxiety".

15. It's all in the mind, let's just concentrate. FOCUS.

first time for guys 15

16. Whoa, she looks… WOW.

17. Wait, no, think about something else, think about anything else!!

18. F***, this is actually happening!

19. Dude, I'm LITERALLY f***ing!

20. Wow, this takes a hell lot of energy.

first time for guys 20

21. Should I start working out more?

22. What was that sound she made? Did I do something wrong?!

23. OH. Apparently I did something very, very right. I'm a natural at this!

24. I hope she liked it. And wants to do it again.

25. I'M A MAN NOW.

first time for guys

26. So hungry!!!

27. I have to tell the guys.

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