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How “Psychic” Are You?! Your Zodiac Says…

How “Psychic” Are You?! Your Zodiac Says…
We are all intuitive creatures. But each of our intuition or sixth sense works in a different way. Our “psychic” abilities are largely affected by our zodiac signs. What is your psychic power? Let's find out...


You, Aries, have the gift of seeing everything good in people. You see their strength and talents even before they themselves can. This is your psychic power! You are able to see someone and tell where their strengths lie even without having known them too long. This is perhaps why your friends always come to you when they need some encouragement!
psychic power according to your zodiac


You have a deep understanding of a person's boundaries, Taurus. You are immediately able to tell how a person would react in a particular situation or to something being said to them. Owing to this, you always know what to say to a person. Being able to say the right thing at the right time is your psychic power! psychic power according to your zodiac


You, Gemini, absorb information like no other sign. You are a listener and and an observer amongst other things. Your psychic power is being able to tell what a person wants without them having to even give you a clue. You are extremely well-connected with your sixth sense! You have heard “How did you know?!” on multiple occasions, but you’re still trying to figure that out yourself. You just know! psychic power according to your zodiac


You are highly empathetic, Cancer. Your psychic power comes from there too. You’re able to sense a person's emotions and act accordingly around them. You are especially able to tell when someone is upset! And you’re always there, consoling and helping them before they even let you know they're upset. psychic power according to your zodiac


Your psychic power, Leo, is that you always know when it is the right time to do something! You won’t do anything a minute before or after the timing is just right. And even if you do, you know you shouldn’t be! This psychic ability of yours helps you to always stay on top of your game!
psychic power according to your zodiac


You, Virgo, have been given the psychic power of sensing opportunities. Even if they are a mile away! You just know when something good is around or coming your way and you’re not afraid to grab it. psychic power according to your zodiac POPxo New Banner


You are a peacemaker and peacekeeper, Libra. You like to be in an environment where there is peace and harmony! It is no surprise given this that your psychic power is actually knowing exactly how to calm people down! Your presence has a soothing effect on people and you always know how to comfort and calm them. psychic power according to your zodiac


Your psychic power, Scorpio, is knowing when someone is in need of some deep affection or is feeling unloved! You may not be a super-mushy person in general, but you can always sense when someone needs a hug and you’re always there to give it too! psychic power according to your zodiac


You, Sagittarius, are extremely optimistic in life. You have the gift of being able to sense exactly what will and will not benefit you. This is your psychic power. You know exactly where and in whom to place your faith, hopes or dreams in order to yield the best possible result. Your psychic power will ensure that you achieve a lot of success in life! psychic power according to your zodiac


You, Capricorn, are very intuitive. You follow your heart and make decisions accordingly. Your psychic power is knowing exactly when to make a change in life. Whether it is on the professional front or personal, you know when you need to make a move. You are constantly growing and evolving thanks to this psychic power of yours!
psychic power according to your zodiac


You, Aquarius, have the ability to reach into a person's soul and understand exactly what they are going through. Your psychic power is that you're able to heal people by simply understanding their fears and insecurities and turning them into something positive. You have the ability to make others feel good about themselves! psychic power according to your zodiac


You are the helper of the helpless, Pisces. Your psychic power is that you are able to sense when a person is in need of help, even before they have asked for any sort of help. Your psychic power makes you stand out as someone who is extremely empathetic and generous! psychic power according to your zodiac GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Sex And Your Sun Sign: What’s Your Seduction Style? MUST-READ: What Is The Most CRAZY Thing About You? Your Zodiac Says…