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What Is YOUR Lucky Charm? Your Zodiac Says…

What Is YOUR Lucky Charm? Your Zodiac Says…
We all have a lucky charm - something that’s special to us, which can always brighten us up. So much so that it’s like it has actually kicked bad luck out of our lives! But more often than not, we fail to recognise it or them. A lucky charm doesn’t always have to be something you especially buy because you think it's lucky. It could be something or someone that has been close to you all your life! You just didn’t know it. So what is your lucky charm? Let's find out...


You, Aries, are always optimistic and enthusiastic in life! You’re independent and like to do things your own way. Your lucky charm is travelling! There is never a time that you will travel and not discover something about yourself and others that you love. Travelling will always bring luck and happiness into your life! What is your lucky charm


You have a very large heart and deal with everything with immense patience. Those who know you love and look up to you because of how dependable and loyal you are. Your lucky charm, Taurus, is your favorite book! It will always bring you peace and contentment each time you read it. And keeping it close to yourself will always make you feel at home, no matter where you are! What is your lucky charm


You, Gemini, are full of energy and wit. You let your imagination run wild and always seem to find an answer for everything within yourself. Your lucky charm is your family! They keep you grounded and always pull you back if you’re ever getting into any trouble! What is your lucky charm


You are known to be highly dependable and loyal, Cancer. You always find a way to comfort those you care about even in the toughest of times. But you are sensitive yourself too! Your lucky charm is your pet or your favourite animal! They are loyal, trusting and trustworthy, and you will always find peace in their company no matter what the situation!
What is your lucky charm


You, Leo, are very strong headed and confident. You have a lot of dreams and aspirations and you want to work hard to achieve them! Your lucky charm is your bestie! She will always know what to say to you to bring a smile on your face and her company will always bring a sense of calm into your life. What is your lucky charm


You are always one step ahead of everyone else, thanks to your observational powers, Virgo! You are practical and are always around to help others. Your lucky charm is the time you spend by yourself. Nothing gives you more clarity than when you sit by yourself and think things through. No amount of advice from anyone will every measure to the advice you give yourself in your own company! What is your lucky charm


You are a complete peace lover, Libra. You are an idealist and full of grace. You like to maintain harmony all around yourself. Your lucky charm is flowers! You love to be surrounded by beauty and always feel happy when you’re in a room full of flowers! They will always add a ray of sunshine to your day, even if it's not a great one! What is your lucky charm


You are dynamic and versatile, Scorpio. You are passionate as an individual and not afraid to be exactly who you are. You are your own lucky charm! You have never needed and will never need anything else to make you stand out and feel happy. You always find a way to achieve what you want on your own terms and by working hard towards it.
What is your lucky charm


You are full of positive energy and vibes, Sagittarius. There is very little in life that can leave you disappointed. You always find a way to bounce right back no matter what happens. Your childhood friends are your lucky charm! They always make you feel good about life and bring back memories that make you smile even on the dullest of days! You feel even more positive and strong when they’re around. What is your lucky charm


You know how to always get your way, Capricorn! You are resourceful and always willing to get things done. Your lucky charm is your favourite movie! Watching movies always transports you into a different world and brings happiness to you like nothing else. On a day when you’re feeling defeated by the world, your favourite movie will definitely inspire you and bring out the best in you! What is your lucky charm


You, Aquarius, are a true humanitarian. You do not like seeing anyone else in pain and always try your best to help them in any way you can. Your lucky charm is water. You never feel as calm and at peace as you do when you are in or around water. Being around water always brings out the best in you. What is your lucky charm


There is no one as accepting as you, Pisces. You embrace everyone just as they are and have a lot of compassion within you. Music is your lucky charm. Nothing lifts your mood like music. Music helps you see life more clearly and opens up new avenues in your head! It helps you get creative and imaginative and almost has a soothing effect on your soul.
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