We’ve Heard Of High Definition TVs, But What Is HD Makeup?!!!

We’ve Heard Of High Definition TVs, But What Is HD Makeup?!!!
Have you heard the term “HD makeup” in passing or seen it on bottles at a makeup counter? If, like how we were at first, you’re pretty intrigued about it and why it’s different than your normal foundation, then you’ve come to the right place. We done a bit of investigation about what it is, why it’s different and our top picks. Now your selfies will look better than ever and you won’t even need to spend ages picking the right Instagram filter. Go ahead and #NoFilter it!

We’ve Heard Of High Definition Televisions, But What Is HD Makeup?!!!

what is HD makeup

With HD technology and cameras, every blemish and wrinkle is visible on screen, but so is that thick, pancake of layers of makeup. With HD makeup, TV and film stars no longer need to apply generous amounts of foundation - this makeup is super sheer and has that natural, barely-there effect while still managing to even out skin tones and give a flawless finish. Thanks to its popularity amongst makeup artists and celebs, HD makeup has now gone mainstream with big brands releasing HD products to help give you a light, natural look.

What Sets It Apart From Normal Makeup?

Makeup has definitely come a long, long way, which is why it’s not necessary to splurge on HD products if you’re perfectly happy with your existing makeup. However, good quality HD makeup products by reputed brands help give you a real-looking finish of smooth and even skin on camera as well off it. This type of makeup is much thinner and has light-reflecting qualities to give you an Instagram filter type of effect in real life. It is lighter in texture, goes on smoother on the skin and looks pretty much invisible. It fills in lines and doesn’t crease. Plus they have light-diffusing pigments that give a smooth, translucent effect.

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How You Apply It Is Key

Simply using HD makeup doesn’t give you fantastic, smooth and even-looking skin that looks oh-so natural. The way you apply it is key to making it look invisible. Here are a few tips on creating a great high-definition look:

1. Primer Is Essential

what is HD makeup

An HD primer is an important part of your base to minimize pores, ensure there is no ashy, white cast on your face and basically help your skin look smooth. Once you start using one, you’ll never want to apply makeup without it again.

2. How Do You Like To Blend?

By now we’re hoping that you spend a good amount of time blending your makeup to ensure it looks as natural as possible. Whether you use your fingers or a brush/sponge is up to you. If you prefer blending your foundation with your fingers, make sure to massage it into your skin in circular motions. Not only does this help boost circulation, but also the heat helps warm the formula so it really seeps into the pores giving that poreless finish. With a brush or a sponge, gently rub and dab the foundation all over your face for a good minute or two to help give that airbrushed finish.

3. Choose Your Blush Right

what is HD makeup

Stay clear of heavy, vibrant, too-bright peaches and pinks as the aim of HD makeup is to look as natural as possible. Instead  opt for a matte powder or cream blush in a subtler, natural shade that doesn’t have any sparkle or shimmer.

4.  Set With A Face Mist

Who said you need powder to set your makeup? Powder sometimes runs the risk of making your face look a bit cakey. Instead, spritzing a face mist is a great way of setting your makeup while giving you glowy hydration. Also, if you do like applying powder, the mist can help soak up any excess product. After you complete your makeup, spritz your face and then gently press and pat your skin to help absorb it. A face mist like Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray works brilliantly as well as a dewy makeup setting spray like Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist.

Best HD Makeup – Our Top Picks

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Nyx High Definition Foundation

Revlon Photo Ready Collection

Smashbox Camera Ready Line

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation

Coloressence High Definition Loose Powder

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