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What Do Engineers And Fashion Designers Have In Common?!

What Do Engineers And Fashion Designers Have In Common?!

What could possibly be common between an engineer and a fashion designer, you wonder - they are worlds apart! You’re right, guys! And yet, there are a few things that run parallel in their separate universes too. Here are 7 things that are common to every engineer and fashion designer!

1. When it comes to love, they never find it on campus. Why? Lack of options!

While whole departments of engineering from mechanical to civil are mostly all boys, the entire batch of a fashion designing institute has to do with, like, two guys! engineers and fashion designers

2. Their families have a unique way of testing their professional skills…

Every engineer is the in-house “mechanic”, expected to fix that broken fan/ fridge, while a fashion designer is everyone’s personal “tailor”.

3. By the time they graduate, their fashion sense gets “altered” for life!

Most engineers swear by their chappals and sweats everywhere (read office, home, movies, weddings) while most fashion designers become comfortable running around in their heels up stairs, through markets, streets and meetings! engineers and fashion designers

4. They can make presentations and conjure up projects in a single night!

Like a boss! While engineers can submit sheets of intelligent-sounding assignments, our designers can prepare a creative mood board - all in an unbelievably short time. new_in_story_banner_500px

5. They know what real competition is like…

With every city in every state spewing engineers and breeding young fashionistas that are ready to take on their job! engineers and fashion designers

6. But placements make them feel like a star, for everyone needs them!

The world’s never going to stop building stuff or wearing clothes, after all!

7. And the bonds they form in their graduation are the ones that last a lifetime!

Brother from another mother, or soul sisters - call them what you may, you know they are friends for life, given the unique experience they’ve gone through together their college days! engineers and fashion designers GIFs: Tumblr ​HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: What Do Gujjus And Marwaris Have In Common? (SO. MANY. THINGS.) MUST-READ: 11 Things EVERY Bengali And Malayali Has In Common!
Published on Dec 16, 2015
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