11 Things That Happen When You *Like* Your Friend's Brother!

11 Things That Happen When You *Like* Your Friend's Brother!
Friends are nice. Friends with older brothers? Even nicer! They not only provide you guys with free rides but also end up introducing you to the cooler crowd way before your time. So you can't really help it when you form a bit of a crush on them! Here are a few things you'll totally get if you like (or have ever liked!) your friend's brother!

1. You sleep over at your friend's place a bit TOO much!

Yes, you're practically a family member and have your own toothbrush there and everything.

2. And when you're at her place…

You can't help but look around to check if he's home!

3. Your friend doesn't get your fascination with him.

But at least she doesn't say anything in front of him!

crush on friend's brother

4. You deliberately call your friend on her landline…

Just in the hope that he might answer the phone!

5. You're more than happy when her parents ask him to chaperone you both.

Even though he makes it very clear that he's annoyed about it.

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6. Her birthday is even more dear to you than your own!

Because you KNOW he'll be attending the whole party with you guys.

crush on friend's brother

7. And you probably dress up more when there is a chance you might see him.

Even if it's just a “watch Gossip Girl and chill” night.

8. He has kinda ruined boys your age for you.

Who can go back to those awkward boys after that mature older guy?

9. You hijack your friend's Facebook to stalk him.

And then proceed to like all his pictures without any worry!  

crush on friend's brother

10. He got a girlfriend?!

You stalk her too. And then proceed to bitch about her. She's basically Enemy Number 1.

11. He broke up with Enemy Number 1?

You're suddenly more mature and casually talking to him about how it's all a part of life and he'll find the right girl. (HERE, I'm right HERE!)

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