#HeSays: What Guys REALLY Think While Going Down On A Girl!

#HeSays: What Guys REALLY Think While Going Down On A Girl!
As awesome as it is for you ladies (we hope it is - we do try our best, you know), going down on a girl is pretty fun for us guys too. But since it’s the ONE thing we do in the bedroom that allows us pretty much no scope to actually speak, our brains can go into overdrive! If you’ve ever wondered what actually goes on in a guy’s mind when he’s going down on a girl, here’s a sampler. ;-)

1. I hope my stubble is not too bristly.

2. Damn, I shouldn't have eaten extra hot Thai just before.

3. What if I can't find her G-spot?

4. Should I use my fingers?!

going down on a girl 5

5. Let me start with one...

6. Scissoring, hammering, or screwdriver? Should I try all three?

7. Damn, I can't see her face - I can't tell if that's a pleasure sound or a pain one.

8. Does cunnilingus have one n or two?

9. Oh, she said she likes it - thank goodness!

going down on a girl 10

10. Okay, she has really strong thighs.

11. And my nose feels really squashed right now.

12. I need to come up for air.

13. OWW, she’s pulling my hair off!

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14. She tastes interesting... 

15. I'm getting a slight crick in my neck now. 

16. Will it be rude to take a break?

17. Is it possible to sprain one’s tongue?

18. Oh, oh, I think she’s close!!

going down on a girl 20

19. Yes, she came!! I AM BATMAN.

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