19 Things We Secretly Think (But Never Want To Admit!)

19 Things We Secretly Think (But Never Want To Admit!)
There are some things - some silly, some weird, some totally legit - that we all think and feel, but dare not admit out loud because people might judge us for them. Well, hell - no more! After all, it’s my life. And what I think about it is THE most important thing. So cut yourself some slack, and embrace yourself - along with all your weird thoughts and feelings. Here are a few things it should be completely okay to be able to admit ourselves!

1. Sometimes I stalk myself on Facebook when I have nothing else to do...

And tag old pictures to shift things up a bit - every day is #TBT in girl world.

what girls secretly think

2. I worry about what will happen to my parents once I get married and move away

It’s true...I wish I could take you with me.

3. I am rather impressed by how much hair I grow when I miss the occasional waxing appointment in winter!

Sorry, underarms, it’s another long-sleeved shirt for you today!

4. I love curling up with a good book as much as I love downing a shot of tequila

It’s called balance!

what girls secretly think

5. I think it’s hilarious when my boyfriend complains that he has too much to do at work and uses it as an excuse for not being able to talk to me on the phone.

Hi, it’s called multitasking. I can do it with my eyes closed, and yet I get paid less worldwide!!

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6. I own underwear in every single colour

Hey, if perking up my perkies in pink or purple floats my boat, then who are you to judge?!

7. Yes, I do look very different with and without makeup.

That’s basically its job…!

what girls secretly think

8. Retail therapy does work, chocolate is my best friend and pizza will forever be my soulmate

Deal with it,bro.

9. Sometimes I don’t have time to wash my hair. Read: sometimes I like to nap for 20 minutes instead of shower

That’s why they invented the ponytail.

10. Sometimes I message my girlfriends and tell them to like my profile picture

This one’s pretty much embedded in girl code!

what girls secretly think

11. I don’t know if I want to have children!

It’s the same way that I don’t know if I want to do anything else in the future - why is this such a big deal?

12. Similarly, admitting to wanting to settle down and have kids...

...IS normal. I may be educated, I may love my job - doesn’t mean I don’t want a family. They’re not mutually exclusive, you know?

13. I’m jealous of her.

We know the green eyed monster isn’t a particularly attractive avatar to wear. But jealousy is a legitimate emotion and acknowledging it shouldn’t be such a big deal.

what girls secretly think

14. I look really, really good today.

I should be able to sing it from the goddamn mountain tops!

15. I have been known to throw my arms up in defeat and gesture to the heavens and ask, “Why, why am I so fat???”

...While simultaneously waiting for my chicken burger, extra cheese, fries, nuggets and DIET coke to arrive!

16. If I can’t find clothes in my size but there’s a skirt that’s super cute, I do still sometimes buy it

Duh, I’ll be able to fit into it my next season! #Diet #NeverGonnaHappen

what girls secretly think

17. I would do anything to not have my period

Literally, when is there going to be a baby store?

18. When I say, “Be there in 10 xx”...

I really mean, “Sup, just waking up from a pre-clubbing nap!”

19. When I read through this whole list I basically denied every point...

...And then silently agreed in my head, because #Feminism - LOL, just kidding!

what girls secretly think

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