What Girls REALLY Think While Going Down On A Guy!

What Girls REALLY Think While Going Down On A Guy!
There are women who enjoy going down on guys and women who don't have any particularly strong feelings about it. But we all definitely love that feeling of accomplishment when our guys turn completely speechless! There are some really funny thoughts that go through our minds when we're at "it"... Here are some of them!

1. Okay, let's do this.

2. Self reminder: Breathe through nose.

going down on a guy 2

3. Ugh, what are these sounds that I'm making?

4. But, whoa, the sounds that he's making? Self-five!

5. Or maybe later, need both hands right now.

6. Maybe I should look at him! Eye contact is sexy, right?

7. Oh, god, why is my hair such a mess? I can't see anything!

8. Okay, I should take a break. And find my hair tie.

9. Now back to business. Let's blow his… um, mind.

going down on a guy 9

10. Ugh, my knees hurt. Maybe we should move to the bed.

11. Okay, this just makes my back hurt. But better than knees.

12. Am I being too gentle? Is that why he's taking so long?!

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13. Oh, god, don't be that rough either!

14. Hmm, sounds like he liked that?! WIN!

15. Why is he touching my head? I've got this, dude!

16. Oh, he was just moving my hair. That's sweet. He shall be rewarded.

going down on a guy 16

17. Crap, can't breathe, can't breathe!! Need break.

18. Wait, has he been looking at me all this time?

19. Ugh, can't even imagine how I look right now from his angle.

20. Let's just hope his brain is too muddled to process anything.

21. Actually, sounds like he wouldn't even be able to remember his name right now. :D

22. YAY! *Delayed self five*

23. Is it my turn now?!

going down on a guy 23

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