THIS Is What Happens If You Hang Out With Your Sis And Her Guy!

THIS Is What Happens If You Hang Out With Your Sis And Her Guy!

If you have a sister, chances are that you’ve hung out with her and her boyfriend on several occasions, especially if you’re the younger one. Whether you’ve been appointed as chaperone by your parents or just ‘coz your sister wants you to get to know her significant other, there are definitely some awkward and funny things you’ve experienced when you hang out with them. Here are a few things you’ll get if you’ve ever third-wheeled with your sister and her boyfriend.

1. You Expect Him To Treat You With Utmost Respect

Even if you are younger. After all, your approval is the most important.

2. You Scrutinize Every Little Thing About Him

You have to give your sister feedback later on and tell her to dump him if there’s anything you don’t like.

being a third wheel point 2

3. Their Pet Names Weird You Out

Baby, Jaanu - or even worse, Sweet Lips!

4. They Don’t Pay Enough Attention To You

They’re so smitten with each other, it’s like you’re not even there.

5. You Don’t Have To Share Your Popcorn

If you ever go for a movie together.

6. PDA Is 10 Times Worse When It’s Your Sister

Who wants to see her sister kissing?! Gross!!! being a third wheel point 6

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7. You Even Try And Stop Them From Touching Each Other

When he tries to put his arm around her, you subtly pull her away.

8. He’s Obliged To Pick Up The Tab

Which means free movies, free dinners, free drinks!  

9. When You Click A Selfie

It basically looks like you’re photobombing the happy couple. POPxo In-Story Download Banner

10. They Involve You In Silly Arguments

“Tell him I don’t snore!” Uff!! being a third wheel point 10

11. When Your Sister Goes To The Bathroom…

And leaves the two of you alone? It’s all kinds of awkward and you’re both forced to do polite chit-chat with each other.

12. Your Sister Swears You To Secrecy

“Don’t tell mom we were kissing” or “Don’t tell them we’ve been dating for so many months.”

13. You Always Get One Whole Side Of The Booth To Yourself

When the three of you go to a restaurant.

14. They Love Giving You Relationship Advice

And now he knows all about your love life, thanks to your sister. Ugh. being a third wheel point 13

15. When She Tells You Something About Him

Like how nice he smells, how soft his lips are or how his ex cheated on him, you can’t help but think about it when you meet him.

16. They Also Love Setting You Up

Your sister convinces him to bring along his brother or friend so you have “company”.

17.  Her Boyfriend Is Always On His Best Behavior Around You

He knows how protective you both are of each other.

18.  You Get To Know Him Really Well

When you hang out with them you get to know if he’s a jerk and help her get over him in that case. And if he’s not, you and him get to know each other pretty well and the three of you form a pretty cool bond! being a third wheel point 18 GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: THIS Is Why Every Girl Needs An Older Sister In Her Life! MUST-READ: 14 Things ALL Siblings With A Huge Age Difference Will Get!