What Does Sarojini Nagar Have In Common With Forever 21?!

What Does Sarojini Nagar Have In Common With Forever 21?!
When Carrie Bradshaw said, “Shopping is my cardio”, she couldn’t have expressed our feelings better - especially if you too shop at Sarojini or Forever 21, just like us! Even though one is a street market and the other’s an international clothing chain - they have SO much in common. Don't believe us? Read on…

1. “Bhaiya, 200 mein do” at Sarojini and Sale at Forever 21…

Basically the SAME thing. It’s all a steal, no?

sarojini and forever 21

2. It’s actually kinda scary to go to either of these places on a weekend.


3. And everyone proves it to you…

By pushing, shoving, jostling. Owwww!

sarojini and forever 21

4. You inevitably try on your new clothes on top of the ones you’re already wearing.

Because: Sarojini, no trial rooms; Forever 21, FIFTY people in queue ahead of you, so you never get to enter the trial room.

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5. All that shoving sometimes helps, though!

You get pushed in the direction of the perfect dress, so it's chill. ;)

sarojini and forever 21

6. And you can NEVER go wrong with a trip to Sarojini or Forever 21.

You're sure to find (at least!) one amazing outfit!

7. And you end up bumping into at least one person you know…

They're on the hunt too!

sarojini and forever 21

8. But you have to be prepared to make some HUGE life decisions…

Same black top in so many styles! How are you supposed to choose? At the end you are left wondering if you made the right decision...!

9. So you basically end up picking up both!

Impulse shopping mode on, and you end up buying a lot of things you just don’t need. Because, 250 bucks!

sarojini and forever 21

10. Naturally, at least one person you know will have the same Sarojini/ Forever 21 outfit as you!

And those awkward moments in college when you see somewhere wearing the same damn thing! The choice was clearly not the best, you think. :P

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