BFF Getting Married? 5 Perfect Lingerie Ideas For Her Big Day!

BFF Getting Married? 5 Perfect Lingerie Ideas For Her Big Day!
It’s your best friend’s wedding and you’ve never been so busy! You’ve spent hours at designer studios and helped her select the perfect lehenga, together you’ve scoured the mall to find the perfect pair of golden heels, you’ve been with her every step of the way and your wedding checklist is almost complete. Or is it? Have you considered the lingerie she should be wearing at the functions? It’s important to know that even the best of designer blouses can look disastrous without the perfect bra. Lucky for you, Enamor has got it covered. They’ve got amazing lingerie that can hold together any bridal outfit that your BFF has planned.

1. No Strings (Or Straps) Attached

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For when the bride wants to rock a sexy strapless ballgown, nothing could look worse than a poorly-planned bra. Bra straps peeking out from under off-shoulder dresses are just plain tacky, and ‘transparent’ straps even more so. Pick a seamless, strapless bra in a colour that matches the ballgown and voila - your bestie will look like the princess she is!

2. Bodyshapers for the Win

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There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ body, and we all have some trouble zones we’d rather hide. If your bestie sports a bit of a muffin-top, bodyshapers can prove to be her savior. Wear it under a slinky dress or a longer choli, and it’s bye bye to the belly.

3. Push it!

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Add some oomph to that sari blouse or fitted choli with a sexy push-up bra. This is especially true if your BFF is on the slimmer side. But make sure the push-up isn’t overly ‘pushy’, as excess cleavage isn’t always tasteful. We’d recommend you try this bra on with your blouse before you buy it.

4. Comfort is key

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When the big day dawns, your bestie has probably planned on a sexy thong or lacy delight under her heavy lehenga. This might not be the smartest thing to do. Since she will be swathed in layers of uncomfortable brocade and prickly gota-patti, at least her panties should be comfortable and unobtrusive. Choose a soft pair in a vibrant hue and your bestie will thank you forever!

5. Bringing Sexy Back

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For cholis and halter-blouses where the back is scooped low, the bride must have at least one low-back bra in circulation. These saucy pieces are created specifically for backless blouses. Wearing them ensures that nothing unsightly peeks out from behind your choli!

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